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Derpstone: Heroes of Packcraft (now v. 1.7)

Sound is turned off by default - you can find the option to turn it on in the options menu (Sound preference is saved between sessions now)

(v.1.7) Rarity calculation fixed again - the math looks right, even though the rarest combination of cards might not necessarily be the most useful.

(v.1.6) Chances for rare and above adjusted way down - the formula was simply dead wrong before. Also fixed packs with Legendaries not trumping other "best of" packs

(v.1.4) All the cards are now resized and hosted on this server. Cards should now look a lot better and they'd load faster too.

The json file used for all the card data are shamelessly ripped from deekachu's version - he's a better coder than I am so it's better to just take it than try to figure out my crappy workaround. Sorry!

The back button does nothing. This is the best part of the game, why are you trying to go back?!.