In other news: Events that should be significant, but isn’t.

Religious Battlefield: My family is pretty tame for the most part because we don’t discuss anything about each other, but when it comes to Christianity, everyone steps a foot in the pot. Mom is the only devoted Christian left in the house; dad, like me, is baptised, but far from practicing (his excuse is that he’d go back when he retires). My oldest brother escaped baptism (and the entire family, for the most part, since he studied in UCLA, then to Columbia in NYC, then finally landed a job first in Hong Kong then to Singapore, so he’s never home) but he don’t have a chance to have a say; which leaves my older brother, who got baptised only because his first girlfriend dumped him base on religious grounds (a thorn that I share, although on a completely different level) and he was desperate (so no doubt he is bitter about the entire ordeal), and that leaves me, who was devoted all the way until college years (when I realized that God really isn’t watching out for ME in the first place). Well, you do the math – I’ll leave it to your vivid imagination.

Working for Dad: If you crank the numbers off from the calculator, the salary is abyssmal (so I won’t disclose it), but it’s tax free and I do learn tons of things while in truth doing practically nothing, so I’m rather glad to tag along at this economic crisis hour.

I swear, all the experiences I get from work can turn out to be excellent novel writing materials. The work itself might not be appealing: we basically do any sort of maintainance work around any houses. So we pump and change toilets, fix pipes, patch and paint walls, install mirrors and lights, oil and maintain sliding windows and doors, among all things. My dad really is the eletric/water anything man, who can (and almost did) build a house by himself (like I said, he almost did; the new art room that I use was built by him, complete with tile floors, drywall fixtures, sliding windows with screens and blinds, and eletric outlets for appliances if needed be). For a taste, I’ll just describe a few days of work for you to understand how it feels like:

Day 1. We went to Irvine, fixing appliances in suburb homes like my own. In one case the faucet leaks and the washer inside the faucet needs to be replaced; another house needs a backyard lighting system installed; still another had a bad case of really, really hard-to-move sliding back yard door that turns out to be because the rollers on top of the doors are broken. Fact learned: sliding door rollers are almost always mounted on top of the doors. Why? So that the weight of the door itself won’t crush and break the wheels as quickly. Ingenious.

Day 2. We went to Tustin to this set of filthy (sorry I have to use the term) apartments infested with cockroaches and everything is coated with a layer of black oil/dirt crap. We had to change the kitchen fan in one case and clean up a pipe drainage in another case. It’s rather evident how the pipes got stuck in the first place – these Mexicans leave their meat on the pan for like HOURS and then sometimes dumps their entire charred ground beef content down the kitchen sink. So when we got around to pump it, loads of these black gritty stuff came out that smells like bad burrito sitting under the sun for two weeks. We get to watch loads after loads of these stuff coming out until it’s so clogged that the drainage machine got broken, and we had to abandon the job. The kitchen fan bit is just as “interesting”: as soon as we unscrewed the old fan, it fell down, and dead, dried cockroaches flew around everywhere like dust (except that they are, well, dead dried cockroaches). It’s all a very disgusting experience, but my dad gave me a touching quote for it: “Lucky for you, all you have to do is to wash your hands.”

Day 3. This is a funny one – we went up to Fullerton to change all the toilets in a 4 apartment units, so that’s 8 toilets for 2 bathrooms in each house. There’s not so much life touching facts as to how you can see four identical apartment units dressed so differently to serve different families. The first house serves a white couple living with their grandmother, and the place is littered with children’s toys and old people junk at the same time. Then there’s this other Mexican family that had a larger family and used a mattress instead of a sofa in the living room (the kid is playing Vice City… how I envy him). The toilet is surprisingly easy to replace, albeit very physically exhausting. At the end of the day I can barely lift my arms and I had to stay home for two days just to be able to draw or work again.

Day 4. As if to check out the other extreme as opposed to the filthy apartments, this time we landed a small job over at a upscale condo right next to the beach in the upscale town of, well, Newport Beach. We’re offered to do similar jobs, actually – we’re suppose to install a kitchen fan and fix up a leaking faucet (which, by the way, is solved once again by replacing the plastic washer. who would have imagined that a 20 cent washer can solve so much problems?) Of course, this being a upscale condo and all, we are a lot more careful with our work – so we carefully plant wired around the back of a cabinet so it’s not visible; we also touch up the area left out because we removed some other furniture to install the fan. It was a really pretty house – 3 levels if you count the basement, the kitchen modeled to have a perfectly neat black and white theme; the room for their daughter (a really cute blonde, by the way; you get to see so many different types of people on this job) furnished in cute teddy bear with an apple green/mild blue theme, it honestly looked like a model home. Then there’s an entire 10 ft(?) high cabinet loaded with autographed football helmets, photographs, and other goodies… it’s just such a great place to visit, next to the fact that if you look out the window you’d see the beach and the ocean.

So, after I take care of my eye exam tomorrow, I’ll be back to work with my dad~ more adventure awaits…

Half Year Old Games Are FUN

For these past few days, I sort of feel sorry for myself, but for the most part, screw it, I don’t; I just spend day and night playing this game released back in November last year, Arx Fatalis. It’s basically a dungeon crawl game where you play in the first person perspective and fight using a hand-gesture spell system (now that I think about it, Ronin is almost based ENTIRELY on the game concepts from Arx Fatalis!).

To make a long story short, I was randomly browsing through games on and, realizing that there’s no good RPG coming out for awhile, I tried to look up old RPGs (probably inspired by a short FFX session that I watched Kevin play) for some old fashioned fun, and then all of a sudden I was struck by this random game demo that I downloaded and went obsessed with for awhile. The only reason I didn’t buy the game right when I played its demo was because the product wasn’t really out yet – and I was distracted by Neverwinter Nights shortly after, so I buried the brilliant game ideas presented in the game deep inside my mind, thinking it’s some sort of dream about my ultimate game.

When Ronin went into full production, all these ideas came out from my subconscious and I suddenly had all the ideas to make a great hack and slash RPG, unbeknownst that they’re all experiences that I had from playing that tiny Arx Fatalis demo. So here I am, two months after Ronin made a name for itself, and all of a sudden all these great experiences with the game flashed back to me. I didn’t even remember the name – all I remembered was that I got it randomly off fileplanet – much help that gives me – so I basically searched the entire fileplanet RPG database until I hit the game intro screen for Arx Fatalis, which struck home immediately. So then I searched frantically for a copy of the game; and believe it or not, I found it at a cozy game store inside Westminster Mall, off in some abandoned shelves with other old and forgotten goodies (there’s 2 copies left, fortunately).

I’m not sure if I should go along describing what’s so good about the game (it will take another page of text because it’s just overloaded with goodness), but man, I’ve had the worst experience of time warp since the night Enemy Territory came out, and this recurred for like a week straight. You don’t know what addiction is until you wake up at 3 in the afternoon and the first thing you do is fire up that same game and start playing again.

In other news, after about half a year, the PS-USB coverter finally came back to my brother’s hands, so after getting hooked on Arx Fatalis I’m going straight into playing songs from all 3 Tournamixes from; I should apologize to Justin… I’m not working at all these last week or so. I’m having way too much fun.


Woke up at 10. Started working on the commission drawings until noon, finally touched up one picture to satisfactory degree. ate noodles for lunch, 3 meals in a row. Noon – 4PM Enemy Territory, 6 map campaign (entire campaign). Owned but that’s only because an entire clan is playing with me. They’re really good players, makes me want to join their clan. 6-7 random shit. 7 dinner, 8 Installed and started playing Freedom Force again. 11 started downloading crap again, 1:09 AM write journal. Currently malnutritioned, dehydrated, still desperately in need of money.

My award summary came in, by the way. The aid is abyssmal as always.

Random Insult Of The Day (from generator)

Thank for taking time-out from extracting multicolored mucos from your bulbous nasal cavity and filling-in the Insult form feilds, you monotonous non-entity and excrement manufacturing machine. You couldn’t get a date if you bought them dried in a tin, you under-medicated, rump-ruptured chronic self-abuser. You’re the kind of greasy, giggling, girly gombeen who buys STDs from a viral lab just to make it look like you get laid. Who the hell told you that you are attractive? Mr. Magoo? You’re the kind pathological liar who even lies to an insult generator. All left-wingers are chronic alcoholics who molest small animals, masturbate behind bushes, and wear fish-net tights while singing Elton John songs. You four-eyed, cerebrally-deluded, Einstein-impersonating, pseudo-intellectual nerdturd with a head full of misfiring synapses. Like your height, everything about you is average; except your stench – which is overwhelming. Your weight may well be proportional, but you’ve got cellulite that makes sumo wrestlers look anorexic. Get a job, you goddamn leach! You’re as useful as a handbrake on a canoe, you clog-hopping simpleton. I love that jacket you’re wearing. It’s obvious you shop at only the finest garage sales. Now, my little ankle-humping hermit, do me a favour and get your foot stook on a busy train track.


About Kare Kano…

I HATE the ending.

Almost EVERYTHING is left unresolved! Why did they throw in that “filler” episode 25 instead of giving closure to the relationships between the main characters?

If GAINAX had done this to EVA and Kare Kano, by their track record I should avoid Mahoro at all cost…

Pirates of the Caribbean…

is actually a pretty good movie. For a Buckheimer flick it has plenty of laughable laughs and the special effects don’t scream “look at me, I’m CG!” like The Matrix Reloaded; AND, for the entire cast of not-very-well-known actors, the acting actually came out pretty good. It’d be a really fun movie if you are willing to overlook that ending… just close your eyes for the last three minutes and picture the perfect ending in your head.

Before I forget

Kick of the day: After a full day of waiting in line and going to places, I went with Kevin and Ann to their room for a short break. Then Kevin headed for the AMV and me to the Anime Single Out, and we go into the same elevator. We were on the 11th floor. Then the elevator goes down to the 10th floor, and it stays there, and there’s no bell, and the door doesn’t open.

We all start complaining that God forbid, the elevator is stuck. Then the door slowly opens.

A girl. Cosplaying as Samantha from The Ring (you know, the dead one). She’s DEAD ON ACCURATE on her costume. Same height and build, the expression and everything, just perfect.

Slowly walked toward us.

As one of the people in the elevator described, “Whoa, that was the best elevator ride I’ve had in four (?!) days~”