DDR Extreme Plus?

For the benefit of those of you who don’t follow around the Aaron In Japan fourms, there has been discussions about hacking and modding DDR Extreme/DDR Party Collection home versions. People have been able to add modifiers such as 0.25x, Break, and Wave as well as “unlocking” oni steps for normal gameplay. And in the last few posts in the thread, they’ve alledgedly moved on to hacking the arcade version…

Remember the fuss we had (or should I say we still have) over teh l33t “Mega Mix”? If this hacking is successful, we’ll be able to play something that ADDS to the game for once. I stand corrected when I stated that I like hackers – I admire hackers on the positive movement, who work to enhance the playing experience or give the players something the developers withheld from them.

I honestly don’t mind this “Extreme Plus” version appearing on the black market and getting installed in various arcades.


So, there is a sign at parking lot G indicating that the hours of operation are only up to 5:30 PM, and cars parked beyond that hour would be towed at the owner’s expense (so, in a way, I should be thankful that they didn’t tow my car so I’d be stuck on campus at 10 PM in the evening). Oh, did I mention that the size of the fonts on the size is about the size of a peanut for someone driving by the sign?

You win this time, UCI Parking, but the war is not over…

On The Issue of Trust

My father’s worker is probably running away with our car, and unlike Pero Pero, I REALLY don’t think he’s coming back.

Let me explain the story a bit:

My father wanted to begin fulfilling his post retirement dreams, so he made a plan to basically rebuild our front yard so that it looks nice and pretty. It’s a grand plan, to say the least: part of the yard is going to be converted to a fish pond; a river would run down from a rock on one side, through a bridge that goes between the path to our house, and into the fish pond. Next to the sidewalk of the street, we post fences and plant roses behind it; we’ll build a vine covered gate between the fences and sidewalk. I’ll steal my father’s concept artwork and scan it if I can find it later.

Of course, that’s a big load of work – and my father is reaching retirement age. Despite the fact that he can still beat me down with one fist (he can probably lift twice as much as I can), he didn’t want to do all the work alone (and no, he wanted to do it himself, so we didn’t hire contractors or anything. We can’t afford those people anyway), so he went for the next best solution: hiring freelance workers sitting outside of Home Depot. Most of them are probably Mexican and new immigrants.

So for the first few weeks of work, these people come and go – my father pick up a worker in the morning, he does a day of work, we pay him and send him back to Home Depot before dinner. But recently he found someone who can work daily for him, and let’s call that person… Tony. For the first few weeks or so he had been trustworthy, getting picked up on time and working till late hours. We invite him into the house to have dinners in occasion, and he comes off as being mild mannered and friendly for the most part. His English is more fluent than usual; he claims that he had been working in New York for a few years before coming here.

Anyhow, eventually my father decided that it’s too much trouble to pick him up everyday, and decided to let him drive our spare car, since it’s just sitting around anyway. And the trouble begins from there.

A few day after he starts driving our car, he got pulled over by a cop because his passenger (whoever he picked up) wasn’t wearing a seat belt. They also find out that Tony is not on the insured list on the car so naturally that means an extra ticket for not having proper insurance. We found out about this, and so my father wants to add his name to the insured list for the car, because, heaven forbit, if he wrecks the car we’ll be the ones paying for whatever he wreaks, without insurance. Not a good deal.

So we asked for a bunch of basic info and called our insurance agent. The first thing that she said: “You don’t even know this guy. How can you trust him to drive your car?”. We insisted on the issue and she reluctantly agreed to add the name, only to find out that he gave us a bogus driver licence number. Strike one.

We really didn’t think too much of it at first, and when my mom suggested that maybe something fishy is going on, my father gave her a lesson about trusting people – and so we shut up and stop talking about it. So we come up with another solution: instead of paying Tony daily, we’ll hold off enough salary and then just “give” him the car as wage, since he needs a car to go around anyway. We told Tony this and he agrees to it (notice that there’s several mistakes on our part for not pursuing on more information immediately).

So around last Tuesday, Tony dropped by (my father was not around) and told me that his friend got into a brawl and he will have to appear in court (also showing me a paper that says the bail is $20,000). He will need to use our car and drive him and his friends to the court, and wouldn’t be able to come to work. Fast forward to 4 days later, he never showed up after that little talk and all attempts to call his house ends in his voice mail. So now we’re probably going to go to (alledged location of) his apartment and take the car back home. That is, if we’re lucky enough to find it there.

So the moral of the story is this: I am a person who dislike distrusting people. Given the chance, I would want to put my trust in every stranger I meet, and I actually do pursue this to a degree. I never pass judgement on anyone I just met, my first assumption about a stranger is that he or she is a trustworthy person. It’s things like this, however, that makes me disgusted at people and all the things they do around proper moral and ethics for their own personal gain. My trust in someone goes away completely when he or she betrays me like this. There’s no three strike law and no second chance, I don’t believe in people changing for the better and so far I haven’t been wrong. This also leaves a bad taste in my mouth about Mexican immgrant workers; I know that one case hardly proves the whole, but so far they’ve only earned negative scores on our record.

Of course, all these might just be a misunderstanding, in which we’ll just take our car back until he can afford it, and let everything else go; otherwise, this will remain as a dark chapter in the diary of my life.

Warning: Cussing Ahead

Fuck you, UCI Parking, FUCK YOU.

I got a ticket for parking past the lot hours. What the fuck is that? Look, it’s not like we’re insured by UCI Parking when we have the car parked at your parking lots. That fucking spot isn’t even close to campus – I have to walk 10 minutes just to get to the nearest classroom building.

So let me get this straight. I fucking fork out 150 plus for a parking permit where if I don’t come to school at 9 in the morning, I get to park at a spot where if I just decide to stay around school for homework or whatever, and get to pay an additional 35 just for parking my car around? What the fuck? It’s not like other people are using that spot – it’s FUCKING EMPTY!

Look, if my car got stolen because I park my car in the middle of nowhere and UCI don’t want to claim responsibility for my loss, that’s fine – I’d be pissed but it’s my own fucking fault. But you don’t fucking fine people just for leaving their car alone, especially after I already paid the fee to earn the right to park my fucking car there! There’s not even a lot closing time posted on the parking lot, am I suppose to somehow know with my telepathic powers that these parking admin shitheads had a “closing time” in mind?

You know, I’ve just had a really fine day until this fucking ticket shows up. Fuck you, UCI Parking, FUCK YOU. I’d give it to you for catching me parking illegally during summer, but this shit has gone too far. I’m contesting this. I’m not going down on this shit without a fight.

TV Shows: Get a clue

I need to write a letter to TV producers so that they can get a clue about how arcades sound like today. Everytime a sitcom or some drama moves the scene into an arcade, you hear these annoying beeping sounds that would only be heard back in the 80s, you know, when pac-man roamed the earth? All it takes is for them to sit in ANY family arcade for 10 minutes with a voice recorder, and they’d have genuine ambience sounds of a modern arcade. Is that too much to ask for? When you have millions for budgets to produce TV shows? Is sending out someone to sit in an arcade for 10 minutes such a torture?

The state of various affairs

I’m actually in a pretty bad mood today.

Nothing bad happened, really, or rather I should say I have prevented myself from something inevitibly bad happening. But even then, I still felt like taking the wrong path is a valid choice, simply for the fact that I’ve made it, it’s been in my mind long enough that the decision itself is irrecoverably valuable to me.

Note that this proven “bad thing” that could happen to me had happened to me before. And more than once, and one that I’ve only managed to get over shortly before this. And so it seems that I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of meeting girls that I’m interested in that would either ruin my life, or had already ruined my life. As history recalls, it’s me zero, and I’ve lost count on the other side.

I also believe that this is beyond the fact that I’m asian, nerd, geek, poor, and has no physically attractive attributes – hell, I’ve seen people in worst shape than I do getting much more than I do. So I’m blaming on karma for all these wrong turns – because, and I acknowledge the fact that, I’m a lucky person in almost any other aspect: good family, good house, everything provided for despite my financial irresponsiblity, and being able to do well in school despite making no effort at all to study.

So all these talk ultimately means a whole bunch of nothing – I’m ranting again. Personally, I don’t like ranting – it adds nothing to the world and usually does not encourage a positive dialog – but I feel like I’m seriously disturbed today, not because of external situation, but my life balance thrown off the status quo again.

And for the people uninterested in reading long philosophical rant:

This will be my 23rd Valentine’s I’ll spend alone. I’m pissed and mad as hell.

On the other hand… look at this cute picture I drew! On 1/3 scale, it’ll become the title and main menu screen for the mobile phone game we’re making!