Still feeling wobbly. Long entry must wait. And I just tried the pedestrian version of SP2, and it still gives me the same instanant crash crap. So now you’re seeing my 3rd reformat and reinstall all in the same month. Thanks for trashing my faith in you, Bill Gates!

Floating Left and Right.

Well, I’m back, and I’m feeling really wierd – my perception of space is all tricked out, and my monitor feels like it’s 10 feet away from me, and I’m still floating back and forth to the left and right… but I’m back.

Of course, that goes without saying that almost everyone didn’t even know that I was GONE!

Long entry follows. Now I must get this perception thing sorted out. BTW, I have your bears, George. Come and claim them anytime you want.

Take a walk on brimstones and fire

I sort of came up with this game idea on the fly, mostly to test what the dance pad can do as a controller… it turns out to be pretty fun for a 12 hour effort:

Play Shuffle!

This game is a lot more fun when you use a dance pad. Sync Oni has nothing on some of the wierder twists in this game! For those who don’t have a dance pad and a PS2 controller adapter (which is probably everyone but me >_<), you CAN play with the keyboard, but the key twitching isn't really all that fun, and you lose track of footing when you use more than two fingers... I still want to test out the Tetris modes with a helper. Unfortunately, my brother is out today, and all of my regular game pad sized controllers are at George's place, so I was trying to solo the tetris mode with a bulky arcade style (fighting game) controller... bleh. It feels like playing an old Atari game while you're on weed... But anyway, try it and tell me what you think of it! (even though the experience is kinda different)

a winnar is me

Microsoft continues to be my inspiration to destroy this world and go back to a time when computers don’t rape people royally in the ass.

All it takes are three ingenious steps:
1) Download XP SP2.
2) Install XP SP2.
3) Bend Over.