McDiet, Work, 2nd Job, Devotion

Knowing that the law of “TLDR” governs the universe I’ll keep each topic as short as possible…

There’s no McDonald’s near UCI, but I’ve been on a 50% McDiet for over a month now. Every afternoon I’d be off to either KFC/Taco Bell, In And Out, Jack in the Box, Del Taco, or Arriba!, a new Mexican place I “found” inside University Center. For the unbelievers of the movie “Supersize Me”, I’m a living testimony that it’s all true… 2 weeks into the McDiet, I was working for longer days and getting less and less done, until I would pretty much idle for about 3 hours after lunch, unable to think or do anything. I couldn’t focus, felt constantly tired, and all that good jazz. So starting from today I’ll be packing lunch from home

so that I won’t fail during these critial hours for my work. It’s even closer to the deadline now, and the average workload per day that should have been done increases by the truckload as I approach the deadline. There’s so much good that can come out of this project but it also feels so hopeless, since I know what needs to be done and how inhuman it would be to cram all those work into this 20 day window, weekends included… I can’t help but think about what kind of time I should devote

2nd Job:
to my second job, also known as World of Warcraft… casual or not, being in a guild means there’s certain commitment involved and commitment means time devoted to staying in-game. It’s been fun to rediscover the good part of this game – hanging out with others and doing stuff and having a good time. In a life where purpose is what you define as, who can really say

that one thing is really more important than the other? Although I’ve been sorting through my life lately and found that there’s little that I’d actually devote a long time to, there’s many things that I’ve come to love and would then abandon in a heartbeak; I occasionally contribute my inability to deeply discuss any topic to this fault of mine.

This is ranty, and altogether longer than what I expected to write…

The Jaws Of… oh nevermind this is getting old

So yeah, end of the tunnel for my project is still nowhere in sight and Oblivion still has the worst leveling system created by mankind, and now it crashes everytime I forgot to save for anything more than 30 minutes. So I stopped playing Oblivion, and went back to WoW. I was in the process of moving out of the guild in game and when asked about the new guild I’d join, I was reminded that the new guild would be starting raids at 7-7:30 server time. That’s… 5-5:30 pacific time… and I convinced myself that I’d either 1) walk out of the terrible shadow that is to sleep at 2AM and work from 12PM to 8PM, or 2) convince my boss to let me work at home again 2 days a week.

Okay, back up a second… I’m going to make sacrifices in my real life, where I get paid to do a real job and real money and fortune are on the line, so that I can fit better into a virtual game in a virtual world where 1000 gold is about 5 bucks (and illegal to sell) and your stats and gears don’t mean jack to the guy next to you who plays Guild Wars?

Mmm. Life is indeed crazy. Next to gas prices of course.