AX Politics… had been interesting.

WOW… back to some sort of rhythm, but with no goal in mind I have no idea what the hell I’d stay for.

Avenue Q… is very, very good. Worth every penny to watch.

Martians can make some damn good killer pizzas.

Work… is all over the place. I keep getting the sense that I’m not making enough money, but at the same time I’d crumble under my own mess if I try to pick up a third part time / full time job.

Somehow feeling very stuck because of that.

Virus again! I have no idea if it’s been removed or not! Yay!

That’s about all I can say… unless it sends me to another random blogspot page again. The last time it auto-linked me to

(random spaces inserted just in case you try to click on the link without reading the post. this is linked by a virus and therefore a bad, baaaad place to go to!)
ht tp:// forex – student . blog spot. com/

googling around for “blogspot trojans” gives me nothing but links to USC. Not exactly useful. Virus scan caught a few malware offsprings and an automatic downloader, but if my last experience with malware holds truth, this is a little too easy – there has got to be a bomb somewhere behind the smoke and mirrors that is still making it tick.

Hijackthis is not giving me anything suspicious. Neither did Ad-Aware, but I’ve found Ad-Aware to be pretty impotent in finding malwares for as long as I’ve been using it.

And to think, all this is caused by me trying to find a serial number for a media converter for my PQI mTrix. My neighbor gave it to me as a gift and it was already opened – but I suspect the serial number wasn’t lost, it was never there in the first place. Yeah, it’s my fault for surfing over to the suspicious channels, but trying to do this over a piece of software I legitimately own just jives me the wrong way.

This whole 07/07/07 thing is just not working out – nothing felt like it worked the way it’s suppose to over the weekend.

The Obligatory Post AX Post (That Nobody Reads)

… because if I actually make my regular post AX post, I can just copy and paste all the materials I had from last year and call it a day. Not much had changed – and it’s a problem of sorts. There’s too much manual labor going on, too much pencil and paper record keeping, and too many mistakes being made to keep our clients (the artists, screw the con-goers) happy.

Staffing at AX always drain me physically, but it is also a vacation of sorts for me – as a peon under a manager I can freely turn off my brain and let everything drift into autopilot; as a staff member I can freely rant over stupid con-goers without a care in the world. It is just completely opposite of my daily work of finding “creative solutions” and having “business meetings” while sitting on my ass all day long.

Going to look for cosplayer pictures and the sub v. dub parliamentary debate later…