More Dream Records: A Pleasent One

I don’t think I’ve had a good dream in a long while, so this is worth recording.

Apparently my parents were fed up with my grades in public schools so they’ve sent me to this prestigious private school. They have uniforms and everything: A white shirt, then a blue vest over it, then a black overcoat over that. Not unlike winter school uniforms we wear back in Hong Kong, actually.

And for once, I’m in the same school and class as my older brother Wesley!

This school has not just one, but two private swimming pools inside campus. Seems heated too. And apparently there’s pretty girls all over the place swimming or just wandering around campus. Over recess I did more exploring. There’s one set of stairs that goes up (to some sort of amphitheater apparently), and a strangely long spiral staircase leads down to the… girl’s locker room.

And there’s a computer store/lab in the middle of campus too. Well, I’m not sure if it’s a store or a lab. They’ve setup this system where you can funnel the ambient music to one of several speakers (not unlike the audio section in an electronic store). There’s rows of laptops all over the floor and desktops on funky looking tables everywhere. I overheard the login and password for these computers: user name frost, password water.

I got on an escalator, and this cutest girl ever with long silky white hair whispered that she don’t remember the password for the computers. I told her, and I distinctively remember being quite happy about this.

One of the things I didn’t like about the school was that the students had to move around to the teacher’s homeroom for each class (whereas the reverse happens if it’s a school in Hong Kong). Speaking of which, apparently one of the classes is Chinese… quite unnerving considering I’ve dropped practicing writing that language for eons. I honestly didn’t feel particularly worried though – it felt like a good lesson.

The final class of the day was some sort of… music class. I glanced over the syllabus they have for the class and there’s apparently some sort of level system. You start at the 12th (bottom) and you work your way to 4th (why it isn’t 1st I’ll never know), and the requirement is to sing some sort of song… I’m not sure, because the entire thing is written in Japanese!

My brother gave me this advice: Get myself over the first level or two today and finish the rest in the next semester. So… apparently I joined the school at the last day of the semester.

The dream ends here.

Team Fortress 2

So ever since I’ve pre-purchased Team Fortress 2 (*ahem* I mean the Orange Box) I’ve been spending my night hours (which equates to 8PM – 4AMish) playing it non-stop. Suffice to say, most of my early negative impression of the game is gone – I’m starting to doubt if I’m using the classes properly rather than calling them imbalanced. I still think turrets suck, but then again I enjoy playing scouts more often than most (although my playtime still shows engee as highest because nobody likes to camp and play D), so I’m pretty much born to *hate* turrets.

And with that, maybe I can finally kick off the WoW habit… for something that’s really not much better. Hurray.

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk…

While I’m on a closet cleaning rampage, I might as well list a bunch of other stuff that I want to get rid of – if you’re interested in any of them I’m willing to toss them for next to nothing. Here goes:

($300) Intuos3 6×11 Tablet, surface pretty much pristine and untouched, with everything minus the original box. Price is not really that compromising but considering the thing is practically untouched, it should be worth your money…

TI-89 calculator, Just the calculator and the cover, no manual or anything. I’m sure you can find the manual online. I don’t know where it is at the moment, I just know that I have it and I’ll pull it out of a hat if someone actually wants to buy it off me. I don’t even know how much this thing is worth anymore. Too lazy to look up.

($20) Canon LiDE 60 Scanner, With a blue top if you really care. Cheap but otherwise completely functional scanner.

($15) EMS USB PS1/PS2 controller (including light guns, but hell if I know how that’s suppose to work) adapter. Considered the last and greatest adapter for PS controllers, especially for dance mats/pads.

($10) Bicycle Poker set with chips, 2 decks of cards, 5 dices, and 5 poker dices, all inside a gold rimmed mahogany deluxe box.

($5) Magic The Gathering Core Game Box including
-2 starter decks
-1 booster pack
-1 foil (Sarra Angel, 9th edition)
-Play guides, rule books, play mats, paper score counters, all the junk few would care to use – but it’s included!
-Magic Online CD + Online credits for all the included cards
Box is opened, but everything else is untouched (booster packs unopened, foil wrap untouched, CD seal not broken, etc)

Bunch of laptop memory cards that I upgraded out of (these are… for the most part free if you ask me for them)

2x 256MB 200-PIN DDR SO-DIMM
1x 512MB DDR2-533 SO-DIMM

And here’s the fun part: all the games that I bought and did NOT finish since I started playing WOW. You’re free to borrow any of these games, it’d make me happier to buy it off of course, better give the money to a starving freelance artist/programmer thingie than those self serving corporate bastards at EB Games/GameStop, right?

Silent Storm – Tactical RPG more in the veins of X-Com than FF Tactics. It’s actually pretty good, its one vice being the game is laggy – but then your godlike machine can use a challenge like this, right?

Civ4 – Great game, but playing it reminds me of why I stopped playing all the older versions of civs – I suck at this game.

Neverwinter Nights 2 – I stopped playing the first one because the single player campaign sucked, I stopped playing the second because it’s just taking too long, and I lost steam. Fun fact: the manual is basically a mini-version of the D&D 3.5 edition player’s handbook, with some Forgotten Realms and NWN game specific junk thrown in.

Titan Quest – I don’t know why, but somehow this game just didn’t cut it like Diablo 2 did for me, or even the cheap, kiddy, little known click-fest called Fate.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Terrible game in general. Not that you’d want to play/buy it, but I want to get it on the list just to rant about how much I don’t like it. It’s buggy, the mechanics are clunky, there’s nothing to speak about the graphics, and the plot is going nowhere. How this thing actually garnered positive reviews is a black hole of mystery to me. But then again, if you hand me a wad of cash I’d say something nice about this game too…

WTS [Nintendo Wii]x1 plus games and stuff PST

Yeah, I’m looking to sell my Wii. That’s not a blow to say that the console is bad, it’s just that every friend of mine also owns a Wii and this thing being a social console, I have no use for it sitting at my house collecting dust.

So here’s the list of stuff in the package:

($0) Original Wii Packaging Box
the fancy inserts are missing but what it lacks in neatness it more than makes up for with more stuff packed inside!

($250) Wii with Wii Sports Bundle including:
-Operation Manuals
-Vertical Stand
-Power Supply
-VGA Cable
-IR Sensor Bar
-Wii Sports

And all the extras sold under market price:
($10) SVGA Cable
($30) 2x Classic Controller Attachments
($20) 2x Game Cube Controllers
($5) 1x Game Cube Memory Card
($40) Warioware: Smooth Moves
($5) Lego Star Wars (The original, for the GC)
($10) 2000 Wii points with most of them spent to get:
-Bomberman ’93
-Golden Axe (The original, for the Genesis)
-Punch Out! feat. Mr. Dream

All the things punched out into the calculator comes to: $370
Not shipping it anywhere – personal delivery/pick up only. I’ll deliver it anywhere within an hour’s drive from Orange County, CA.

What is this?!

Shamelessly stolen from

“British-style maid reflexology”? I mean each word on its own works just fine, but when they’re put together… DOES NOT COMPUTE

baffles my mind.