And it hasn’t been that long since I bought a new computer!

… and looks like this one is already going down the crap hole …
So about 30 minutes ago, I was switching between Team Fortress 2 and WOW, and the computer locks up on WOW’s login screen. Reset… blank screen with a cursor after windows load. Not good.

From that point on I’ve been running into a range of random errors:
– blank screen
– a retro windows 2000 login prompt followed by my desktop background, but no start menu. Task manager opens but an error pops up if I try to run any program.
– instant reboot after windows load

I fired up safe mode. It resets my computer 30 seconds after it boots up.

I’m pretty sure a full reinstall of xp would temporarily tame the beast, but the point is: this thing had barely been past the one year mark and already it’s been crapping up on me. Computers these days… you rely on them more and more and at the same time they become less and less reliable. I swear, within my lifetime there’d come an age where I have to replace crap every single day of my life… that, or apple/linux rules the world and humanity is saved.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Well, maybe I don’t have the time to sit around for long periods doing nothing but thinking about how the world should be run by me and all other manners of intellectual masturbation, those were my high school days…

Having a wider view of the world means that you see so much more of it that you wish were never there. There’s injustice and suffering; we as a race is careening toward our doom in a million and one ways, it makes me wonder how the world economy just doesn’t suddenly decide to stop working and there’d be chaos everywhere.

And that comes all the way down to the people that are close to us in life, how we more or less somehow understand each other’s motivations but nevertheless, by choice or not, decides to do things that… piss other people off.

I wish everyone can be humble. The world would be a much better place if everyone would take a step back and say, “no, you first”. But others will gladly step all over you to reach the top. Nice guys also happen to always finish last.

There’s some very inherently emo point of views here. Maybe somewhere, they have a valid point after all.