Webcomic of the Week: Future Sight P19

Hurray for breaking my new year’s resolution already! It looks like I’m just going to finish new strips whenever I can, instead of returning to the once a week schedule that I started with. The story is getting very dense… at least I’ve taken the break to script out the rest of this arc, so hopefully that will speed things up!

I’ve tried a new comics font to see if it improves readability. It was a mixed bag: I can cram in a lot more text, but it’s too thick and blocky, so I have to revert back to Arial and drop a point in font size so I don’t have to refit all the text. It looks like I’ll have to leave out some of the experiments I want to do to the format until this mini project is done, just to keep all the strips consistent…

Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P16

(Wait, this thing is still alive?)

It’s aliiiiiive! It’s aliiiiive!

The holiday season of game releases can make things extremely disorienting. I think I’m getting my bearings again… somehow. At the very least, I’m committed to finishing the first arc of Future Sight one way or another. No backing out of that!

Super Late Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P15

Got hit by a virus. Reformatted the computer, and getting all the pieces of printing the template, scanning, framing, and other parts back together. Other than that, I’m swarmed with games that I’m obligated to play. They’re all grindy RPGs. I like these games, but I really hate it when I’m forced to progress at someone else’s pace…

Right. Right. Pages!

Belated Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P14

It looks like with work and play filling up my time, this post a day schedule is impossibly hard to keep up… At the very least, I want to keep Future Sight going. It’s the one thing that I actually want to do every week.

Hey, I just met him / and this is crazy / he did a number / but call him maybe

Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P11

This has been a bad week for keeping the blog up so far… Writing a self contained story within a few hours using a predefined set of time travel rules had proved to be much more frustrating than I imagined.

Today, we suffer a case of “people looking right” and “actual backgrounds” (i.e. I’m terrible at drawing those). Also, holy walls of text, batman:

I’m not sure if I even want to make up for the missing Tuesday content. It’s so damn hot over here…