• Webcomic Friday: Future Sight P1
    Less than a week in, and I’ve missed a day already! Looks like there’s still some kinks I need to work out. The original plan was to do a game review on Thursdays, and with over 200 games in my Steam library that would have lasted a while… but I just can’t bring myself to writing it. There’s already enough of those “one man’s opinion” reviews out in the wild that adding to the noise really does nothing for me. So I’ll be posting my attempts at composing music on Thursdays instead. It’ll be a pain since I am nowhere as adapt in whipping out music compared to what I do for the other days of the week, but it’ll be a good learning experience if I can keep it up.

    As for today:

    “Future Sight” is one of the many potential webcomic projects that I wanted to do “one of those days”. I guess that day is now. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to ink or color these, but I want to get a flow going and some page is better than no page at all. Besides, if I skip two days in a row on the first week, that’d be really bad…
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P2
    Shifting webcomics to Wednesdays because… alliteration! Plus it’ll be easier on my schedule, I think.

    Still getting into the groove of things, and still trying to figure out a workflow that works. There’s still no time to seriously edit the page layout, and looks like I’ll need to trim the dialog as well. Oh well, the point is still to get this out with some regularity…
  • Belated Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P3
    July 4th happened, alright? I just wanted to take a day off… well, more accurately, Civ V happened. I didn’t even realize I had the thing installed until yesterday, and it went badly for me. Like, sick to the stomach today badly. Anyway…

    Font size got smaller. Still a lot of text… I think the issue is pacing, maybe? I’m trying to cram myself from point A to point B within a page, because webcomic pages just look weird without a conclusion, a pun, or a cliffhanger at the end.
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P4
    And the number of panels just kept increasing…

    There’s a bunch of layout issues that I didn’t have time to fix. There’s also some dramatic personality shifts… Oh well, at least there’s some explanation for it to happen.

    (P.S. Still messing around with font sizes, and possibly font face as well. This particular size looks like a nice medium point to settle at.)
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P5
    Completely ran out of time today since I’ve lost my head start doing the game concept yesterday. Also: Title Drop!

    I have immense trouble drawing any character that looks to the right, mainly because I’m right handed and I’ve never made any effort to spend even amounts of time drawing people that faces different directions. This is also one of those pages where it’s just suppose to be two people sitting around and talking about a bunch of stuff, so it’s kind of rough to think of a layout that won’t bore everybody to death.

    I really have to draw more people facing right.
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P6
    I really have to work out a schedule for these kinds of things. I blame Dead Island…

    I’m not a fan of being able to read into someone’s internal dialogs, but soon as I planned the rest of this chapter I realized it’ll be necessary. Oh well, at least there’s a setup page for it so it won’t get confusing later…

  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P7
    I think this depiction of the neural computer interface is about the only “throw it out the window” level of impractical technology in the story. At the very least, I’d like to keep it that way…
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P8
    This conversation is going to look awful if I keep it as a “dialog of internal dialog”, so I guess I’ll have to cheat again…

    …and the plot is slowly being rewritten from behind the scenes. It’s what happens when you come up with the story as it goes. I can plan general events that occurs in the entire story, but I can’t stand detailing all the things that happen in-between before I start writing/drawing.

  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P9
    Why oh why didn’t I just start some moe-tard story about a few cute girls frolicking around? It’d probably be a lot easier than trying to explain this plot:

    I’ve made an effort to clean up borders and do speech bubble layouts before I darken the penciling. The panel layouts are also less rigid than before. This is slightly better than the previous pages, I think?
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P10
    Boo, rush page is rushed~

    I have to keep some of the “off” expressions in the middle panels because I ‘m short on time. Only the last two panels have more or less the face I’m looking for.
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P11
    This has been a bad week for keeping the blog up so far… Writing a self contained story within a few hours using a predefined set of time travel rules had proved to be much more frustrating than I imagined.

    Today, we suffer a case of “people looking right” and “actual backgrounds” (i.e. I’m terrible at drawing those). Also, holy walls of text, batman:

    I’m not sure if I even want to make up for the missing Tuesday content. It’s so damn hot over here…
  • Belated Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P12
    Two words: scanner problems… It is a lame excuse, but it’s what actually happened. It looks like the quality of the scan got affected as well…

  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P13
    Finally, the weather cooled down!

    Lynn seemed to have gone through several hair styles here, but all I wanted to do was to draw her head at different angles… bleh.
  • Belated Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P14
    It looks like with work and play filling up my time, this post a day schedule is impossibly hard to keep up… At the very least, I want to keep Future Sight going. It’s the one thing that I actually want to do every week.

    Hey, I just met him / and this is crazy / he did a number / but call him maybe

  • Super Late Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P15
    Got hit by a virus. Reformatted the computer, and getting all the pieces of printing the template, scanning, framing, and other parts back together. Other than that, I’m swarmed with games that I’m obligated to play. They’re all grindy RPGs. I like these games, but I really hate it when I’m forced to progress at someone else’s pace…

    Right. Right. Pages!

  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P16
    (Wait, this thing is still alive?)

    It’s aliiiiiive! It’s aliiiiive!

    The holiday season of game releases can make things extremely disorienting. I think I’m getting my bearings again… somehow. At the very least, I’m committed to finishing the first arc of Future Sight one way or another. No backing out of that!
  • Webcomic Wednesday: Future Sight P17
    So tired. I think it’s the cake that’s making me so sleepy.

    Art wise, still recovering from the big hiatus last month. And that instructor… I’m not saying it’s aliens… but it’s aliens.
  • Webcomic Wednesday (Well, it was): Future Sight P18
    It’s aliiiiiiiive! It’s aliiiiiiiive!

    It’s going to be increasingly rough to keep updates going since my work is entering an early crunch… sad too, I was finally loosening up by the time I draw the last panel…
  • Webcomic of the Week: Future Sight P19
    Hurray for breaking my new year’s resolution already! It looks like I’m just going to finish new strips whenever I can, instead of returning to the once a week schedule that I started with. The story is getting very dense… at least I’ve taken the break to script out the rest of this arc, so hopefully that will speed things up!
    I’ve tried a new comics font to see if it improves readability. It was a mixed bag: I can cram in a lot more text, but it’s too thick and blocky, so I have to revert back to Arial and drop a point in font size so I don’t have to refit all the text. It looks like I’ll have to leave out some of the experiments I want to do to the format until this mini project is done, just to keep all the strips consistent…
  • Webcomic of the Week: Future Sight P20
    This is… this is getting somewhere!
    Twenty pages of setup just to get to this point…