Webcomic Friday: Future Sight P1

Less than a week in, and I’ve missed a day already! Looks like there’s still some kinks I need to work out. The original plan was to do a game review on Thursdays, and with over 200 games in my Steam library that would have lasted a while… but I just can’t bring myself to writing it. There’s already enough of those “one man’s opinion” reviews out in the wild that adding to the noise really does nothing for me. So I’ll be posting my attempts at composing music on Thursdays instead. It’ll be a pain since I am nowhere as adapt in whipping out music compared to what I do for the other days of the week, but it’ll be a good learning experience if I can keep it up.

As for today:
“Future Sight” is one of the many potential webcomic projects that I wanted to do “one of those days”. I guess that day is now. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to ink or color these, but I want to get a flow going and some page is better than no page at all. Besides, if I skip two days in a row on the first week, that’d be really bad…

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