120 DDR Games on the Wall…

Ever since Zot Zone closed down for renovation, I’ve been saving up my quarters for the time Zot Zone makes it triumphant return. Well, now that moment is here, but I don’t feel like playing in the arcade anymore… I’m more than happy with my home pad and the convenience just can’t be beat. Which leaves a little problem…

I pulled out my bags of quarter and counted today. There’s exactly 234 quarters altogether. I toss in a few more to make 240 and round out the numbers, and now I have exactly 120 games of Zot Zone DDR in my hands (60 if you play versus/double). Which roughly translates to 10-20 hours of nonstop DDR action.

Still thinking about what to do with it. And no, I’m not feeding it to that money grubbing coinstar machine, not when I can use it for something better!

My Weighted Companion Cube!

I was hounding the Steam company store ever since they announced the cube is coming out… I know that it’s going to go fast but… today is the first day I see it and it’s… all gone.


EDIT: Settling for the fuzzy dice variety…

Computer Fixed – Maybe

So it was more like 2 years – the last broke down happened Januaryish on 2006. Which reminds me – where had the year gone? Seems like time simply disappears on you once you graduate from all institutes of education. Hmm.

In other completely unrelated news:

I love doormats. Well, I’ve seen them around every corner before I know there’s a term for them, but once you put the concept into words there’s just some unexplainable… deliciousness about it. I want one!