So after 2 trips to Fry’s, 6 wasted hours, and $160.00 later, I walked away with the following conclusion for my computer:

1) The primary hard drive that I used to have, for all intent and purposes, is probably fucked.
2) The motherboard is probably fucked, since I tried doing a clean reinstall on a brand new hard drive, and the new drive had been proven to work on an external enclosure.
3) My desktop is fucked. Again.

which leads to my final conclusion:

4) FUCK.

Boo Hoo Hoo

My desktop computer is f00bar’d. AGAIN.

Looks like this piece of junk is a foot and a half in the grave.

I really don’t want to get a new computer at this time… Vista is not yet mature, and the 2nd gen DX10 video cards are just about to come out, so this is just about the worst time imaginable to upgrade the computer.

Not quite sure what to do right now. After spending so much time recovering all of my stuff and then have it all disappear again just like that – not cool. There’s no “third time is a charm” for me… my free time is beyond minimal as it is and I’m not going to get myself all puffed up and frustrated over this shit.

Which only leads to one thing…

I’ll be installing WOW back on the laptop. Oh the humanity.

Switching internet service…

So today I’ve finally completed the switch from Road Runner to Verizon FiOS, which means that my personal webspace that goes with Road Runner will get deleted pretty soon, which means that any images that was on this blog would be deleted. Being an extremely lazy person, I’m not going to bother going back through my blog and changing my image links to my new personal webspace.

Long story short, all the image links I had before this post will be broken. If you are wondering what it was, ask and I can get the link back up again.

Oh right, happy new year and all that good jazz. So now it’s what, 2 years and counting with nothing major accomplished? pffsh.