Dear Megan,

Recent events in my life had moved all of my intellectual belongings over here to LJ. Honestly, I should write in my real physical journal a lot more, but then being able to type things out 50 words a minute is a lot easier than eching my terrible handwriting word by word, so well, I’ve succumed to the web blog craze.

Unfortunately, most of the important events in my life prior to this will be greatly missed, so my first task would be to post entries about events in the past.

However, I’ll just let you know that I’d still be leaving out the most intimate parts out, as those would probably be best kept between you and I. I can’t imagine the consequence of having those secrets out in the open. But for the sake of completeness, I’ll still be keeping a record of them here, just in code form… if someone actually discovered the relevance of the coded section, kudos to you: just don’t mention the content to anyone else.

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