I will crumble in a second.

Spiderman was right. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Only that this time, I don’t get any superpowers and the responsibility is going to take me down into the depths of hell.

My personal webspace got partially frozen up probably because of bandwidth drain – I haven’t talked to my friend who is hosting my page for a long time. I can imagine how piss off he is for doing this to him. I honestly didn’t expect a crowd this big — It would have made a nice joke back a year or two ago about things like this, but when it actually happens, it’s just plain scary.

I just spent the last 4 hours “working” – answering reviews, looking through my code for bugs, answering e-mails, sending hopeless request for someone else to host my thing–

There’s also lots of implication that might come with having the game come into the wrong hands — I’m sure that the fact that I ripped sound tracks from popular anime and video games is going to come back and haunt me.

I’m scared, I’m really scared right now. Of course, I can imagine that most of it is just me and me dreaming about how “big” this can get when it’s just something that’s going to last probably until tomorrow and everything would be forgotten and the world would be right again.

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