“Hello World!”

The first program that every kid who mess with some “Learn C++ in 24 Hours” will first write. It’s so fundermental that it’s easily forgotten.

Actually, that had nothing to do with what I am about to say at all, but the topic seems appropriate.

I’m just wondering if there’s anyone reading this.

Maybe I expected too much motivation out of myself when I said “Sure, if nobody reads this, I don’t care, this is like a diary anyway”. Actually, keeping a LJ is far from keeping a personal diary. For one thing, I don’t need to add a coded section just to say something really secret that I don’t want everyone to understand. I would have stopped trying to say it and just say it, in fact, for the most part, I have said it.

Ahh, life, better talk about my real life.

Here’s my kick of the day: since this is a long weekend, anything that I post up here on Friday will not recieve its consequence until next Monday, so I had the impulse to post a particular name and then just sit around oblivious to what will happen until next Monday.

Maybe the bad part about it is, the idea won’t fly either way, that is, I’m most certain that I’ll get rejected whenever I post this particular name, whether it’s a weekday or a long weekend, so…

I’ll probably spell it out when it’s summer vacation. Then I can procrastinate the consequence to Fall Quarter.

Although, I have to wonder, would anyone be actually reading the name and have profound thoughts and suddenly the idea click and then I get pounced to death?

Hello world?

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