The comments that goes around and the entries that stays unread.

Wait a minute. That topic doesn’t even make sense!

I sort of come to realize, after fiddling with this thing for awhile, that even the longest rants you put up may get read at times. The problem is, LJ is such a different form of self-expression than the traditional mediums (God forbit, we actually talk to each other in real life!) that we usually end up just reading and not saying anything about it. Sometimes it can really surprise me when I was saying something, and someone would say,

“Hey, I remember reading about that on your LJ~”
“Wait a minute, you actually read that crap?!”

Of course, that only occurs in the rarest of occasions. As people like me don’t get a regular “friend base” (*hint* *hint* *hint* *hint*) to carry on the conversation with comments, sometimes it really does discourage you to write more crap… but then that mysterious energy of “maybe nobody is reading it, but maybe everyone is reading it” will keep you going somehow, since we are talking about variable interval positive reinforcement here, the stuff that makes the whole Vegas tick… wow, maybe this can become addictive like crack.

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