Dreams have an interesting way to twist the simple happenings of daily life into wierd but nonetheless fantastic things. Because my alarm clock is broken, my sleep schedule has gone to the abyss. Henceforth I’ve been able to record dreams more often because now I wake up at the worst of times, like 3:30 in the morning.

The story began as I was being invited to a birthday party of sorts. We were all standing in the middle of a dance hall, but the lights are fully on and there was no music. Everyone anticipated as the birthday girl and her friends walked onto the stage. First surprise: they spoke in Cantonese, when obviously more than half of the crowd can’t understand a word. Confusion and discontent spread as the girl continue to make her birthday address entirely in Cantonese.

Finally, blaring music started. Whatever it was, it made the crowd very unhappy, and they started to leave the hall first in ones and twos, then the stream of people who walked out grew larger until everyone but me and the five girls were left in the hall. The birthday girl broke down into tears. A friend tried to comfort her, and another approached me and asked in Cantonese, “How could this have happened? We have so many things planned for them, and this is how they treated us?”

And so after a moment of thought, I replied, “Sometimes, just because we planned for others doesn’t mean that others will have the act the way we planned them to act. I’m sorry for this, but you can still go out and have a meal (because I don’t know the time) with her. You can still make this a good birthday for her.”

I left the party afterwards. The rest was a blur and it wasn’t long before I woke up.

I wanted to record this because I have not recorded dreams in a while, and there were good ones that were left unrecorded. The story also marks several events that I want to remember, but I don’t want them to be a direct record either for the parties involved in real life. Finally, because this dream had been sewn together by several different facts, don’t take offense in this, George. We all loved the birthday party and this definitely was not some subconscious way for me to backstab you for whatever reason you can think of; of all people, you should have a better idea of what this dream records than the rest who are reading this entry right now.

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