Right about now

There are a lot of thing that doesn’t feel right about “now”. After first week is over, the pacing is just all wrong, and the status quo is once again upsetted to the point of discomfort. The new schedule I have basically puts me in school for a full day, then pins me at my house every other day. It’s a bitch to get used to and very demoralizing, just because you’re constantly on the run-break cycle.

From mass speculation, the release of MAX. most likely spells the end of the DDR era. While I’m not as into the game as I thought I was and there wasn’t any cherishable moment on the machine that’d become permenant memory, I did enjoy the unorthodox life style and I’ll miss this game dearly. Of course, it does make me feel better that since I’m graduating, I wouldn’t be having as much time to hang around arcades anyway – meaning that ultimately, it is for the better, at least for me.

Meanwhile, I’m rather fixated on the song “Dancing Cheek To Cheek” (I’m tuned to the Fred Astaire version… there are many other artists who sang the song to varying satisfactory degrees). The nauseous mood that it causes cannot describe my current feelings any better. I think there’s a certain danger to make the statement public – but I’ll just say that I’ve found a new “object of affection”. Since nobody really cares to figure me out anyway, I’ll just let that one hang out there to whoever that cares to interpret it.

On an even more obscure note, my music taste shifted completely again. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a preference in the first place – I just get used to whatever I listen to the most. So after listening to KDL (103.1 FM) for about 4 months, it’s basically all that I listen to now. I didn’t how dramatic the change was until I decided to listen to my CDs for a change today and found myself flipping thru songs every 5-10 seconds. However, songs that have meaningful lyrics would always have a place in my heart – no matter which genre it belongs to, including the much hated boy bands and other contemporary pop artists.

My copy of Max Payne 2 should be at my front door sometime tomorrow. People are already downloading the ISO and giving ratings to the game on GameSpot – it does piss me off somewhat to think that a legit buyer would be getting the game later than the pirates, bu that’s life.

Oh, I almost forgot – I dragged out my brother’s copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus when I was packing up and painting the room a month ago, and now I finally have a chance to read it. The stuff that it says is so true it’s freaky – but then the same goes for personality tests. And you know how I feel about personality tests.

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