And here’s the missing footnote #3.

3)The two people that I completely trashed in my dream were Tracy and Frank.

Memory has a wierd way of playing tricks so that dreams resemble reality in some way but keeps representing things in this poetic, condensed form. The situation was appropriate since Tracy did meet Frank during AX2003.

I would be lying if I say that AX2003 sucked because the con itself sucked – it was basically the people that I didn’t get to see and the things that happened during AX that completely pissed me off. Funny that I was still lying to myself after I admitted that it was over, and that the feeling of being “trapped” I had for the last two months was sort of like an aftershock of an incident, something that isn’t immediately visible but nonetheless makes you feel terrible for no reason at all.

The funny thing is, I actually had the idea to do what I did in my dream – I would have acted upon it if I got drunk during George’s birthday party. But since I don’t, I’m happy to find closure in a dream – I wake up tired in some way because of classes and refreshed in another way because I think I’ve been rid of my “inner demons” for the moment.

That, and I really, really think the two game machines I dreamt about were really, really cool.

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