If patheticness is a word, I would use it…

Woe is I. The end is near.

The 103 Questions Quiz

1) Starting time: forgot to mark time
2) Full Name: Nobody knows, nobody cares
3) Nicknames: First name too short to have one.
4) School: UCI
6) Eyes: brown
7) Hair: black
8) Height: 5 something
9) Tatz: What the fuck is a tatz?
10) Ever been cheated on: twice.
11) Ever missed school because it was raining: no. but I do fucking hate rain.
12) Set any body part on fire for amusement: no.
13) Kept a secret from everyone: I have a knack for telling everyone some info about myself but nobody ever gets the complete picture… except one person. So no.
14) Had an imaginary friend: about 10 years ago I had an imaginary girlfriend. Then she went away fucked my best friend. Yes, the second part is made up.
15) Ever wanted to hook up with a friend? of the opposite sex.
16) Cried during a Flick: more than once.
17) Had a crush on a teacher: more than once.
19) Ever at anytime owned a ‘New Kids in the Block’ album: no.
20) Ever prank called someone: no.
21) Been on stage: more than once, unfortunately.
22) Shampoo: anything next to the shower, since we stopped buying herbal essences.
23) Color: blue
24) Summer/Winter: winter
25) Online Site(s): thestraightdope.com
26) Lace, silk or satin? no difference
27) Like Anyone? see 2 entries back
28) Who have you known the longest of your friends: not surprisingly, Megan
29) Who’s the loudest friend you have: don’t want to name names
31) Who do you go to for advice: nobody
32) Who do you get along with: don’t want to name names
33) Cried: don’t remember
34) Been mean: never
36) Been sarcastic: never intended to but always come out that way
37) Met someone new: yes.
38) Talked to someone you have a crush on: see 2 entries back
39) Missed someone: yes.
40) Hugged someone: no.
41) Fought with your parent(s): no.
42) Wished upon a star: no. never.
43) Laughed until you’ve cried: no.
44) Played Truth or Dare: no.
45) Watched a sunrise/sunset: no.
46) Went to the beach at night: no. who the fuck thought up these questions?
47) Read a book for fun: no. banned from reading any book that’s “fun” since 13.
49) Are you lonely: and you wonder why I’m filling this out.
50) Are you happy: see 49.
51) Are you talking to someone online: yes.
52) God/Devil: yes.
53) Love: having my doubts.
54) The Closet Monster: by the time I learn about it I’m too old to believe it.
55) The “Big Bang” Theory: as good as anything else.
56) Heaven/hell: see 52.
57) Superstitions: yes. big believer.
59) Who named you: parents.
60) Backstreet Boys or N Sync: ………………. N*Sync.
61)when was the last time you showered: last night.
62) What was the last thing that you said when u were online: “ttyl bye”
64) What is your computer desk made of: wood
65) What was the last thing that you did today? check lj
66)Where would you want to go on your honeymoon: Japan… no, motel 6.
68) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: good company, as in friends. fuck relationships, they don’t last.
69) How’s the weather: too. fucking. hot.
70) What did you do yesterday/today: Morrowind… and then, Morrowind.
71) Thing(s) that you find attractive about the opposite sex: face and voice first, then everything else.
72) How do YOU eat an Oreos: crunch the entire cookie in two bites. or one.
73) All time favorite TV show: Simpsons.
74) Dream car?: that really fast one.
75) What do you want to be when you grow up: I’m already grown up. There’s no “want” in this. I already “am”.
78) Number: sometimes 7, sometimes 13.
79) Favorite food: too varied to ask. some Chinese, some Italian, some Japanese, some American food.
80) Favorite days of the week: Sun.
84) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: 10 years ago.
85) The most stupid thing u ever done: A.D.I.S. (not to be confused with AIDS)
86) First Son’s name: Jamus
87) Wife/husband: if there ever comes a day where you rename your significant other, I’ll let you know.
88) First daughter: Celest, Celestria if I can get away with it.
89) Favorite drink: pepsi.
90) You like scary or funny movies better? Funny
91) On the phone or in person: phone
92) Lust or Love: exists(Love) ? Love : Lust
93) If you could change something about yourself what would it be: complete overhaul
94) Do you consider cheerleading a sport: sure, why not? mud wrestling is a sport too.
95) Do you have pets: no.
96) Who sent/did you steal this survey to you: …shut up.
97) What do you think of this person: Shut Up is actually a nice guy sometimes.
98) What are a few of your favorite songs: Max. RIGHT.
99) Do you want your friends to do this survey: Do it or the kitty gets hurt.
100) End Time: when I should be sleeping.
101) Does answering 100 question ever tells you how you are really like : never.
102) What should you be doing right now instead of filling out this survey : sleep. Homework for two different classes, due tomorrow.
103) Anything you’d like to add to anyone who’s about to get fed up after 102 questions : Brains. Sw33t.

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