Picture Entry! Plus: I gotta see this!

For the benefit of those who haven’t seen this already, this piece was actually done in class instead of my free time at home. The characters are hardly new; I started drawing Adis (left) from Y2K, Celestria (center) was a character I invented in ’99, and Marie (right) was a one time picture thing I’ve done sometime during Y2K also.

Frontal poses are basically the only type of poses that I can do without thinking, but it makes good confidence builders; now I can actually go back to work on the challenging drawings with some confidence.

But just before I forget:

DDR: Ghetto Mix

Some time ago I saw this idiot trying to sell this getto mix on e-bay, and a bunch of arcade owners in socal actually took the bait! we have to go see this! There are even rumors that it’s running off from StepMania instead of anything Konami (although I doubt that, even though there are already people exploring that possibility). Coupled with the official closing/hiatus of DDR, we can actually continue this game series with hacked versions sold anonymously over the net!

So what if this version is a terrible hack job? People who usually do hack jobs are idiots who just want to make a few bucks; but if a team of quality programmers, artists, and step makers come together, we can make this happen! It’s still possible to get our hands on Dancemania albums (I don’t think they discontinued their sales yet), and the BMIIDX/GF&DM series would still be able to provide more Bemani Originals. And to fill the gap, we might as well throw in ANY song that we like into the mix. Why not? It’s our ghetto crap. Bam! We can make our own authentic DDR mix!

The only thing I would be worried about is copyright issues/legal issues. Aside from that, man, this is what I want to do when I get out of college!

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