Intoxicated Karaoke Revolution, Sid’s Birthday, etc.

So, last night we had a very, very small scale Karaoke party at Brian’s place. There was beer involved (although I didn’t think anyone actually got drunk) and I ended up making up a lot of parody lyrics (all of which inappropriate for children under the age of 17), because I really am starting to get tired of the same song list. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. Apology in advance? I swear, it has to be the beer that I didn’t drink that made me do it.

But that’s minor compared to HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIDDDDDDD =D

Just in case you don’t remember what this reckus is about, here’s a link that might help:
secksual compatibility quiz aftermath

EDIT: I realized how wrong the grammar in that short phrase is. Whatever…
EDITx2: Sorry that I can’t do a more full fledged picture like the one I did for Cindy. Finals… ;____;

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