Insanity is only a state of being

And I’m getting close to it. Nothing good is coming out of my pencil for the better half of the last few days, and you get the urge to pick up a knife and stab stuff – fleshy stuff especially welcomed, to get some feeling back on my hands. According to schedule, I need to finish one drawing a day on average, and even then I’d be a couple of drawing late to make the Jan. 9 deadline, and the artist’s block is not helping.

After about 2 years of not formatting my computer, its stability is finally breaking down. So after picking off my brother’s old TV card and CD burner, I thought I’d get some blank CDs and there it was, a whole rack of video cards, none of them on sale.

Bought one on a whim anyway.

I felt guilty about it all the way back. I didn’t price compare, I didn’t look online for a better deal, I didn’t even check the reviews of the card before I bought it. It violates every single rule of a smart consumer, and I pay the price for it: the card definitely isn’t worth its dollar. Going to return it tomorrow and probably get a better one, now that my wallet is open.

Good news is, Christmas presents flowed in. This year, my entire extended family seems to adapt my very nuclear family’s tradition. All presents come in the form of cold cash, which is just what I needed.

I think it’s a fine tradition that should be preached across the globe. Forget about gift wraps, a stack of useless sweaters and keepsakes, the cards that gets thrown away and the greetings that goes in one ear and out the other. Everyone needs a little love. Money is the best gesture of love.

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