O2 Jam Werks >.<

Fun~ Join meeeeh~


1. go to http://o2jam.e-games.com.my/ and download the game, install it.
2. on the same page, join and register your account.
3. send a e-mail to enquiry@e-games.com.my and whine about a billing error in the game
4. wait for the staff to reply with a beta CD key and password.
5. follow e-mail instruction to put in your beta CD key and password (it’s called an e-card in the billing page)
6. open up IE (Mozilla Firebird doesn’t work) and go to http://www.e-games.com.my/o2jam.asp. You should be asked to install an ActiveX plugin. Do it.
7. Click the big, red play button, or better yet, log in before hittin the big, red play button.
8. Either way, after you log in and start the game, you’ll see the patch screen; get the patch, start the game ^.^

Quick Start:

1. There’s only one planet, enter it
2. Start a solo room, select song, song difficulty is the number next to song names.
3. Start playing ^___^. Controls are: S,D,F left 3 keys, J,K,L right 3 keys, Space for the orange slot.
4. Ask me to play with yuu =^__^=

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