Another BabelFish translation classic.


That day, my dog…
Plain gauze forest Germany

Thought of caste I, there is no he. Return?

Every day early morning 9. Concerning I and Mimi everything, it sits down together. First, human my dog on eye of ladder, Pero Pero. Is he the day 9 year old? Therefore I think and am high. Him? 9.

Concerning the return… You didn’t know that he is happy? The apartment – my apartment, is small, just 1. Pero Pero and Mimi, Life? Spatial? It isn’t? But, am I very happy? Him, in addition is there a happiness very? Mimi! Therefore, do I desire him quickly return?

“Mimi thought, I… There is no that day? The separation it is high.”, I. Cream color? Onamot. There is no he.
But I, Mimi, oven am him who is thought very my every day. Think of a certain thing early morning and am high.

It waits for 1st him? On the 5th, Mimi period? Mimi submissive, simultaneous and so I, “Does he return? After, It is together, he apologizes, it is good? ” It has. Mimi. Mimi. You see Side? The good meaning “Meow-“. I, that being you thought that!

Very strange? Is Mimi one? But is Pero Pero Dog? But Mimi and Pero Pero very happiness. Each other of total of other dog. I handle which entirely is not. But, is there Mimi and a Pero Pero same place? It is large?! That day I of store. You look at small Mimi and small Pero Pero, shop next. Mimi and Pero Pero? It is large?! Is similar size total of the dog? I, Him, Perhaps… very Him… Entirely. Next, I, when it is Mimi cream color, white and the center which are think Pero Pero and am high. Does my rag which is Color and yellow white! Perhaps, Designate the color as cream condition. Romantic Ohio state which is at the yellow white room where onamot and the white dog is good. you play together! However, First store The way it has, you see… being From Mimi Pero are many Pero, but very extraordinary. You see, with large method, Bully!

In addition, as for the small dog perhaps, very it is. With Mimi, where it does not withstand me entirely, you must be hard on, is the damage given?

Pero Pero! The spleen of Pero Pero! But it is better than Mimi in order to think of me. as for me, That day, Pero Pero the dividing we would like to manage me certainly, it is high. Therefore talent doesn’t return.

That day, does I occur morning quickly? You look at Pero Pero, Person of guest, The center of gusto which you see. Mimi is normal state than Pero, so to be more excessively Pero, much certain? Am I unhappy completely, You see? It is not the place in the entire family and there is a Pero Pero item which was seen frequently, simply. But eyeball, dog Ye! It is classified! In addition it cannot understand! The thought of Pero Pero, Adult? It doesn’t wait. Therefore, I to be very fast Room, In guest It goes. Therefore when jump Mimi certainly presumes just with thought in my center, immediately and Pero Pero which is placed, Mimi. Pero Pero at that breakfast, diligently It goes. Fruit, I. It has jump in Pero of the Pero body Pero “of Wang”. That Center, Does the monk become? I does. it is good.

think of Pero Pero. It is calculated we want! In addition, I first to become. Does he think that we would like to go? That kilt, Total of dog? Bully, That it is small? White, 29 days? You had known in the house, it goes… Calling you obtain. Doesn’t he me or think of Mimi, Talent? That, Mimi it is thought, it stood suddenly. The direction which was seen to I Mimi glance, It is small, it is small, but Certain Surface me west, Walking. I think and Pero Pero am high the return of that. You see, On the 29th, is 1 small, In addition 28 minute him. Yuhoi?

But, Pero Pero, it arrives, It went?

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