Warning: Cussing Ahead

Fuck you, UCI Parking, FUCK YOU.

I got a ticket for parking past the lot hours. What the fuck is that? Look, it’s not like we’re insured by UCI Parking when we have the car parked at your parking lots. That fucking spot isn’t even close to campus – I have to walk 10 minutes just to get to the nearest classroom building.

So let me get this straight. I fucking fork out 150 plus for a parking permit where if I don’t come to school at 9 in the morning, I get to park at a spot where if I just decide to stay around school for homework or whatever, and get to pay an additional 35 just for parking my car around? What the fuck? It’s not like other people are using that spot – it’s FUCKING EMPTY!

Look, if my car got stolen because I park my car in the middle of nowhere and UCI don’t want to claim responsibility for my loss, that’s fine – I’d be pissed but it’s my own fucking fault. But you don’t fucking fine people just for leaving their car alone, especially after I already paid the fee to earn the right to park my fucking car there! There’s not even a lot closing time posted on the parking lot, am I suppose to somehow know with my telepathic powers that these parking admin shitheads had a “closing time” in mind?

You know, I’ve just had a really fine day until this fucking ticket shows up. Fuck you, UCI Parking, FUCK YOU. I’d give it to you for catching me parking illegally during summer, but this shit has gone too far. I’m contesting this. I’m not going down on this shit without a fight.

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