God Damnit

So my teammates finally handed in their portion of the code to me, and none of them actually worked.

They look like grade D ICS 21 assignments. How do these people get through the first three years of ICS? Jesus H Christ, do I have to go back and pamper these people with hints like “oh, maybe you should make this a class”, or “oh, these code repeats, you might want to start a method here”. These codes are so broken that I’ll probably be spend more time trying to fix them than to throw them in the trash and rewrite the code myself.

Can you not hear the pain and agony that is coming out from the heavens and violating me in the arse?

I’m glad that none of these people will be my permenant friends, though; I’d feel bad if my ICS friends are handing something like this to me. If that happens, I don’t know whether I should feel pissed off or go sit in a corner and cry. Yeah, you guys go and feel glad that you’re not taking this class with me. I’ll either violate you or I’ll be the one who gets violated.

Back to debugging crappy code.

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