Back from the dead

So, I borrowed a hard drive from George and I’ll be able to survive for a bit longer. It seems that the IDE controller is still busted so I’ll need to get my hands on an IDE controller card to see if it delays the inevitible. I’m currently very tempted to throw this thing I’m typing on to the trash and get something new.

On one hand, I was planning to get a spankin’ new computer with my first few paychecks, as my computer is my work/entertainment/social connection and therefore my life, and if I don’t spend money on that I don’t know what is worth my money.

On the other hand, I’m flat broke right now so I can’t afford to get a new computer, and I hate this “patch and crash” approach to computers – it’s like getting a used car, you know that it’s bound to fall apart soon, you’re just waiting for it.

Do I dare to rack my credit line to its limit and run the risk of having a long term credit card debt? I wonder…

But if anyone here knows about any upcoming computer show n’ other good deals, please drop me a line. I can always borrow from my family and get the goods first – as family don’t charge interest.


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