Stepping in Another Pair of Shoes…

Remember last quarter, when I hammered my two teammates for not doing any work?

The reverse seems to be happening to me this quarter around. Having no knowledge of database/server programming, the team took on a project that involves database/server programming, which, according to the guy who knows this stuff, should be a piece of cake.

Right? Wrong.

Getting into JSP programming reminds me of why I detesting touching anything that has to do with the web or networking – they’re unstable, undocumented, and frustrating for the lack of compatibility or support. So far I’ve done virtually zip – and with my other classes breathing on my back, it doesn’t really seem like the situation will change anytime soon.

Karma can be a real bitch.

TCGs, Business Competition, ulcer inducing schedule(TM)…

Apparently, a whole niche of my friends went into the whole TCG scene lately, or, to be more precise, started playing it in ZZ. I’ve been coming up with my own idea lately, and I’ve actually had some good prototype cards going. Once I get my hands on enough card protectors for two prototype deck, I’m ready to roll and test this thing out.

I just came back from the semi-final of the business competition, and we got hammered, big time.

I’ve been dozing on and off daily without any signs of feeling any less tired. I got hammered last week physically, and even sleep is not helping me recover.

This post could be longer, but come to think of it, you can just ask me in person anyway. Every time I talk about something that I’ve written in LJ to someone in person, I feel like doing a playback from a record tape…

FF Concert, E3…

On Monday, I went to the Final Fantasy concert with my best company. When we all arrived at the concert hall, we realized that there aren’t that many people who can be seated in the concert hall… and it makes me feel slightly embarassed, since there’s probably plenty of people who deserves the ticket more than I do. But just being able to listen to Zanarkand was worth the ticket price… it was tears-worthy. I cried.

Having such an experience bears to remind me of the old days when we have our Christian summits, where just about the same amount of people gathered together to sing hymns on topics that are just as touching to those who believe… it goes to say that one does not have to be in a religious enviroment to have a religious experience.

And so, my friend and I spent Tuesday preparing code for Thursday, so we don’t have to work on Wednesday. We stayed in the private ICS lab from 7PM to 4AM, and there was this guy who practiced his Saxophone all through that time, all the way until 3AM! It drove both of us insane; we couldn’t walk out because the doors are all locked on the outside, and the music wouldn’t stop despite our complains. I was about to grab knives and stab people when we were finally done, and so I was only able to get two short hour of sleep at my friend’s apartment.

And then, on Wednesday, my friend and I went to E3.

First and foremost, the best thing of all is that we got in for free due to some confusion in regard to voluntary services that we originally planned for. We were just completely engulfed by games – booth after booth of nothing but demo versions of the next generation of games that are about to come out. It was a super exhausting experience to go through every booth and try every game, but it was fun, and I felt privileged to be there – every second was an eye opener.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t say you’d be missing anything if you don’t go, though – besides the lovely girls in skimpy costumes strategically located at various booths, you wouldn’t be missing out on any of the games at E3 – they’re all going to come out in the market anyway. Besides, flip through any gaming magazine or web site and you’ll get just about the same inside scoop, so news announcements wise you wouldn’t be missing much either.

I did regret not going to meet the PA guys. See, we were so tired and confused that we never remembered to pay more attention when we were at the Ubi booth – my friend wasn’t a PA reader, anyway – and so I only remembered when we were halfway home. Oh well. I might be able to meet them at anime cons in the future. They do travel a lot more than before nowadays.

George: I got your ball rightttttt here. It’ll be a lot larger than you expected, though.

List of Things Going On

From those that are completely mandatory, to things that I need to do to secure my future, to things that I just want to do. I need this list just to remind myself how many crap is going on with my life at the same time.

These things are all due/happening next week unless marked with a *

– Weekly Chinese School Lessons. Gradings. New lesson plans until Chinese School is over.
– Weekly Work-Study meeting between classes for 2 hours minimum.
– Weekly self regulated work related research for around 5 hours.
– Translate mobile game to MIDP 2.0, rebuild demo for 4/27 informal industry showcase.
* Need to finish and revise resume
* Need to actually send the resumes out
* Need to find companies with job openings
* Write additional materials for certain companies that requests more materials

To Dos:
– Finish mobile game web site for to showcase
* Pay credit card bill
* Sort out Direct Loan payment plans.
* Sign up to vote

– 1 writing assignment draft, 2 writing assignment revisions, 1 short oral presentation
– Software Engineering project XML to SQL parser servlet prototype
– Talk to counselor, check graduation status
* Pick up caps and gowns, find graduation date, time, and location, and other details

– FF Concert
– E3

damn it, I really thought my life would be slightly easier this quarter so I can enjoy life before I graduate. This sucks!