List of Things Going On

From those that are completely mandatory, to things that I need to do to secure my future, to things that I just want to do. I need this list just to remind myself how many crap is going on with my life at the same time.

These things are all due/happening next week unless marked with a *

– Weekly Chinese School Lessons. Gradings. New lesson plans until Chinese School is over.
– Weekly Work-Study meeting between classes for 2 hours minimum.
– Weekly self regulated work related research for around 5 hours.
– Translate mobile game to MIDP 2.0, rebuild demo for 4/27 informal industry showcase.
* Need to finish and revise resume
* Need to actually send the resumes out
* Need to find companies with job openings
* Write additional materials for certain companies that requests more materials

To Dos:
– Finish mobile game web site for to showcase
* Pay credit card bill
* Sort out Direct Loan payment plans.
* Sign up to vote

– 1 writing assignment draft, 2 writing assignment revisions, 1 short oral presentation
– Software Engineering project XML to SQL parser servlet prototype
– Talk to counselor, check graduation status
* Pick up caps and gowns, find graduation date, time, and location, and other details

– FF Concert
– E3

damn it, I really thought my life would be slightly easier this quarter so I can enjoy life before I graduate. This sucks!

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