Obligatory Post AX Post

In reality, there isn’t much for me to talk about… I didn’t do much this year, so I’ll just be sharing my spoil of war, which still isn’t much because I’m on a tight budget this year.

-Vagabound 5-12. I have the first 4 volumes in Chinese, actually, and that got me insterested in buying the rest. $9×8 = $72.
-AzuDai 1-4 (translated by ADV). As much as the translator tries, most of the humor is lost. It is so much more fun to read the original Japanese text even if all you can do is to read the words out loud. $7×4 = 28.

-How to Draw Anime & Game Characters 1. Yes, I owned a copy of it… so whoever is borrowing the book right now, keep it. It’s a gift. $19.
-How to Draw Manga vol. 8, “Super Basics”. A heavy volume covering every aspect of drawing briefly. It’ll probably make a good textbook if I’m teaching manga drawing again. $15.

After much consideration, I’ve decided not to buy any artbook this year. I didn’t find any for the series I’d like to own artbooks for (Gunslinger Girl, Midori no Hibi, Peace Maker Kurogane). No wall scrolls for those series either. And this year, I didn’t get lucky and find any surprisingly cute yet obscure art books like the Angelic Serenade artbook last year.

Software (you heard it right)
-Deleter ComicWorks… an inking/toning software. It costs $100, but just considering that it packs with more than 200 screentones (each costing more than a dollar), the software is already worth the cover price. I’ll be messing around with it for the next few days and show you what I can come up with.

Total Spending: $72+28+19+15+100 = $234. Still a lot, but that’s half as much as I’ve spent last year.

I want to staff next year. Being a regular attendee is so f*ing boring now ;_;

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