Room w/ lots of stuff

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but I didn’t bother to install my bluetooth software until I really need it for something else. Anyway, I’ve made some pretty cool arrangements around my room shortly after I graduated, and I described it in several occasions but the picture should give you a better idea of how it looks like.

This is my desk. I usually take down the racing wheels when I’m not using it, because it’s cramping the desk space. The rightmost speaker is sitting on a movable platform that’s reshaped from a cheap Ikea printer shelf. I love the speaker arrangements – they’re almost pin-point perfect for games that requires high level of locational awareness (any FPS…).

This is the drafting desk I’ve been talking about a long time ago. Sadly, I’m still not used to using it – I’m too used to drawing on the desk, which is still easier on my hands but a pain for my back. At the very least, the draft table is dedicated to drawing, unlike the computer desk, which is loaded with messes of distracting pretty things like the computer.

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