More sketches

I’m bored to death, despite the fact that I’m frantically trying to do a bunch of stuff at the same time… you also lose sense of time when there isn’t such things as midterms and finals to bother you anymore. It’s like a neverending summer vacation… which is pretty much what is happening right now.

I’m feeling pretty grim as far as where I can go with the skills that I have… I know what I can do and what I want to do, but it doesn’t really fit the mold of what traditional game companies are looking for. After all these sulking, maybe I should really consider going for the back door (boring DB/web stuff)… this gets worst too, especially when your parents start to talk about retirement and you still don’t have a proper job.

Anyway, a new sketch… finally, something half decent. The sketch is mainly used to established the clothing of the main characters, so the poses are pretty awkward. If you have better names for the characters, please suggest them… because of my limited knowledge, I pretty much do what the FOBs do when they pick English names – open the telephone book and randomly point a finger at a name.

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