– Since I’ve graduated and I can do whatever the hell I want, maybe I should consider moving back to Hong Kong.
– George W. Bush not MY president, period.
– You kids might not believe it, but the drafts are coming, and we’re all going to die! Even if you don’t, there will be security cameras all over the US watching your every move, even when you change your panties!
– The masses have spoken today, they all said “we’re stupid but there’s more of us than you, so fuck you! Ha ha!”
– Maybe I should delete this LJ in disgust.
– I no longer recognize this country. Civil war! Civil war!
– I will no longer play computer games or… wait a minute…
– This entry is about a prayer to God that the President of my country, elected by this nation’s citizens according to standards set by this nation’s founding fathers over 200 years ago, should die, and then orchestrate a gargantuan ruckus concerning that post’s consequences in the biggest pile of online political drama crap ever fucking imaginable (which is a quite big pile, I’ll tell you that).

Can you post the above in your journal, and follow it?
Not saying you have to. Just wondering: can you?

What’s there to follow? I just said everything that I needed to say.

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