Pedophile Beastality

(22:12:42) GarbledOne: <-- song too catchy >_< (22:12:45) GarbledOne: but the game is so bad (22:13:28) jamuszero: let me give it a shot after the d/l (22:14:08) GarbledOne: lol, sure (22:21:14) jamuszero: whoa (22:21:25) jamuszero: you didn't say anything about the H part (22:21:33) GarbledOne: er, my bad? (22:21:50) jamuszero: good thing those dophin sounds can sound like anything else... (22:21:58) GarbledOne: hahaha (22:22:45) jamuszero: but the gameplay looks like monopoly meets slot machine meets princess maker before the ur... dophins kicked in (22:23:09) GarbledOne: pretty much (22:23:22) jamuszero: I'm still living at home... gotta warn me about those H stuff >_< (22:24:04) jamuszero: But damn, nothing before that part would hint me that it has anything H... I mean, hell, those girls are like what, 8? (22:24:54) GarbledOne: i know (22:24:59) GarbledOne: well, they're "maidens" (22:25:03) GarbledOne: which means they're nto human 😛 (22:25:07) GarbledOne: so it's more bestiality (22:26:04) GarbledOne: i'm trying to find that song though >_< (22:26:15) jamuszero: there's gotta be a law somewhere that prohibits pedophile beastality...

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