Half Life 2!!111one one… wha?

And this spells my first play through of Half Life 2. For some reason, I finished HL2 a lot faster than I did with Doom 3 (which is to say, I didn’t finish Doom 3). Suffice to say, it has to be a great game if anyone is willing to sit through a good 15-16 hour session to play through it from start to finish… which is what I did.

Long story short, HL2 followed the “same” formula as Doom 3 – they mimic their predecessors without rehashing any of the material, which makes the experience spankin fresh. I gotta admit though, HL2 is one up over Doom 3 – Just as the original Half Life is one up over Quake 2. I’m also now a little tempted to fork over an extra $10 to get the remake of Half Life using the new Source engine – it’s out, and I can get it 3:27 in the morning since it’s online delivery.

Now, sleep… and then, work tomorrow…

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