Of all things eternal…

I’ve been playing more than my fair share of WoW lately. After a few official business to take care of, I just went straight back into it, 24-7. Two factors affect my play time – one being that I have no life – which is a given – the other being me always having penis envy about characters higher level than I am. There are people who presumably started on day one, same as I am, and by now are riding horses (which meant they’re already 2/3 through the game’s level tree).

So I’m a little surprised that a broken garage door torsion spring puts me back into perspective. Sadly, a level 60 character can do nothing about that broken garage door. It’s still going to cost us up to 300 bucks to repair it.

How long will I be playing WoW at most? One or two years, but I’m seeing myself getting tired of it in about half a year (just like UO, though I quit for different reason that time). A broken garage door will stay forever broken if you don’t fix it. Se la vie.

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