Touching Base on the Things I Hate

Things are starting to slow down on World of Warcraft… High level content sucks, but perhaps not in the way most people predicted it to be… the main problem is that WoW is such a solo-centric game for the most part… if you have a quest that you can’t finish, go level somewhere else and you’d be able to mop the floor of that old quest eventually – rinse and repeat. But all the end contents require a group – you can no longer out-level mobs and trying to solo any elite quest is instant death, and there’s no shortage of instant death especially when you’re level 60… and it just goes downhill from there. As of right now, you go and join raids where you do 1/4 of the work you’re suppose to do and compete with 3 more people than intended for all the end game boss loots, and doing it without a raid group is pretty much suicidal.

All that aside, WoW is not the “Thing I Hate”… I’m talking about math and physics.

Because I’ve been cooling down on WoW, I’m starting to have handfuls of free time to work on programming projects again, and this time I’ve chosen to revive a concept I had before – let’s just say it’s like Robot Wars with spells, except that it doesn’t suck. Now, since the game allows the player to customize their own spell list, the game world needs a highly flexible enviroment, and that translates to realistic physics… and math. God damn math. Trying to figure out the most realistic way to handle those equations with a high constraint in CPU usage is a pain in the neck… yes, yes, I know that I could have done it in java or whatnot, but flash stuff gets distributed so much faster than any other web format that it’s worth the pain and effort to get it done right in flash.

Oh yeah, I’m having sausage dog for lunch today. No, I’m not sucking someone’s dick, thank you very much.

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