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(no spoilers intended, but it’ll probably ruin the story nonetheless)

Air’s ending is just… I’m speechless. While I understand the general idea of the story for the most part, explaining the specifics is really a mind fucker, with all the supernatural connections and the timeline and the OMG my brain exploded

In the end, there’s no mistake that Air TV’s animation quality is much better than Kanon’s, but story wise I prefer Kanon’s unrealistic but at the very least easily explainable plot logic. Also I like happy endings.

Speaking of conclusive happy endings, check out Mai-Hime’s. When the plot twist starts turning in that series, I thought this series would be the real brain fucker… but instead someone switched the reset button and everyone is happy happy again… a little too happy happy in some sense, but it brings CLOSURE, damnit! I swear, half of the anime I saw don’t have a trace of that word in their dictionaries.

And I’m still watching Bleach. After I learned that it’s a shonen-jump series, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be like all the other shonen-jump stuff that drags and drags and drags… but it ends up being that way in the end. Sad.


I also found this cool thing on the internet after some blog link jumping…

The Gender Genie

Despite the published results, this little gem is fairly accurate in predicting the gender of everyone on my friend’s list, and myself as well. Only one person on the list scored semi-consistently on the wrong gender, but I don’t find that alarming, at least not as alarming as the damn “LJ Compatibility” thingamajig. I find the gender specific keywords to be quite amusing though – who would have thought that small words like “so” would score so high in support of one gender over another?

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