Elf Ninja

Since I’ll be staffing at AX this year, I thought that I’d do a few giant sized posters to display at the gallery and then fill up those empty wall spaces in my room. Originally I wanted my badge art to be one of my 4 planned posters… but WoW stole too much of my time, so I went and did a quick sketch instead… then the quick sketch turned into a full blown picture and took a whole day just to get penciled anyway…

Originally, I was hoping to go for some sort of elf/ninja hybrid, but then I didn’t want to hide the great anatomy of the figure after I spend so much time getting them right… and because of the cut at the belly, the normal ninja tight pants don’t look good at all… so now she’s more like an elf/arabian bandit thingie. Oh well. At least I’m very happy that my skills are coming back… hopefully, it’d also mean that I’d be able to go through with my original plan of getting those posters done before AX.

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