MMORPG as a different acronym

Well, maybe it’s more like LARP, but I can’t find enough information in a moment’s notice to figure out exactly what’s going on in this “magical kingdom”. Here’s the idea in a nutshell: rip out all the ideas from EverCrack and build it into a theme part, and make people buy high end inventory items with real money (no ebay required) and slap the happy phrase “for the whole family”…

Here’s the website if you want to try and figure it out for yourself:

So why bother bringing up this hocus pocus? One of the creative leaders presiding over my current project is really digging into this whole “magic wand” thing (don’t think too hard), so if everything works out (which hardly ever does), I might be able to fly over with the rest of the team to try this “game” out, as an all expense paid business trip, of course!

Now I just need to cross my fingers and hope that everything works out.

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