Moving on, cleaning house, etc.

P*S* LiveJournal seems to have the habit of crashing whenever I try to write a long and/or meaningful post, so I’m just going to dump everything in reader digest form then if firefox doesn’t crash I’ll post again with details okay let’s go

– Finally decided to quit WoW and move on. There’s a few things that I’m prospecting, but I’m mostly sulking and just generally idling around so far – not much accomplished.

– Hopefully, my incoming toy (Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet) and the fact that I’ve finally been wiped from the face (front page) of Newgrounds would give me some incentive to get my ass to work.

– First thing that I picked up after I dumped WoW is Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. It’s a good game, like Temple of Elemental Evil, but it’s just a bit too buggy and laggy and flawed to be a smash hit. Pity, I think if you give Troika another chance they would be able to make something uber incredible. Not that there’s not enough great RPGs out there, I guess.

– Oh, and I think Firefox is slowly losing its “clean” edge… it’s been crashing more and more lately (my computer isn’t doing so hot either, but…), plus pop-ups are starting to return despite best efforts. I usually consider Newgrounds the pinnacle of pop-up “technology” – if a software can block everything that pops from Newgrounds, then it must be gold. Firefox used to do just that, but now pop-ups are creeping back in, not to mention the more annoying Flash ones that gets embeded into pages and may or may NOT have a close button (I love flash, but it sadly it produces more harm than good a lot of times)… and Yahoo mail doesn’t work on Firefox anymore, but maybe that’s just me.

– I’ve recently browsed a book about fung shui at the bookstore. Despite my background as a washed up Christian, I’m actually quite superstitous, so I’m going to give this a shot. One of the first rules listed is to keep the room cleaned out except for the essentials… make sense, so I’ll be doing just that. Over the weekend I’ll try to remove all the junk from under the bed, throw out/donate one third of my wardrobe, and reformat my hard drive. Hopefully that will help because I really haven’t been feeling energetic lately.

NOTE TO SELF: maybe I should just consider eating less fast food and exercising more? mmm nah.

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