Cleaning Out the Skeletons…

My brother moved out last week, and I in turn wanted to clean out everything in my own room that belonged to my brother… much chaos ensued.

My brother’s room – now all cleared out save for the bookcase that he left for me, in exchange for the table/desk on my side.

Clearing out everything underneath the bed.

6 free trash bags! All used to throw away everything that I deem useless – I’m sure my brother would cry if he finds out some of the stuff I threw away~

My window blinds, cleaned for the first time in 10 years…

Sorting CDs – over 2/3 of them was thrown away.

Hidden deep within my closet – art homework from one of my two formal art courses I’ve ever taken – thrown away after picture was taken.

Desk area after clean up – not much difference on the outside…

But much effort had been made to organize my personal projects, and

The paper bins were labeled to serve specific purposes.

I stole the bookshelf light for my bed… and I made my bed for once… in maybe a year or two?

The stolen bookshelf and the new “weapon rack” area. There’s finally enough room to categorize the books and seperate them.

All mangas now goes into the same bookshelf – full seasion 1 of Slam Dunk and small collection of Saimon Fumi manga stolen from my brother’s side… no space for new manga though… *sigh*

New laundry bins… hopefully it’ll reduce the piles of random laundry on the floor.

My brother’s room after my clean up…

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