Well, not really, but I think it’s good to pull out old gags once in awhile… keeps it alive, y’know.

But yea, I got pictures if you want one. It’s a prom date picture of Erika, a character out of one of the many unfinished projects that’s bouncing around.

It’s been awhile since I crank out anything half decent, and so I’m satisfied with the half decent stuff I’m cranking out right now. As for life, there’s work, In The Groove, Temple of Elemental Evil, occasional WoW, and dealing with mundane problems after my brother came back.

Yea, my oldest brother Alan came back with his wife Michelle. And it didn’t take long to find out that my older brother Wesley probably moved out to live in with his new girlfriend. So here I am, sort of looking at a distorted version of myself committed to a relationship/married, and it’s kind of surreal, really. But that’s life.

Hit me up on AIM will ya? I’m alive now. Occasionally.

EDIT: I should do this more often ^_^

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