Fresh from teh oven, DDR is back!

As bad as the site looks, DDR Supernova is not a joke~ and the first test location for this new DDR Mix happens to be at the Boomers! in Irvine, the one right next to UCI off Culver. There’s about 20ish new songs in there, and I don’t remember any of them except Doll from IIDX with the FMV intact (scaled for DDR of course)… oh right, there’s this wierd version of Long Train Running, Red something by Naoki and some dude that seems rather popular… um, yeah, go there and see for yourself if you want to know the song list, the line is only about 7-8 games long on a Saturday night so it can’t get any worst…

Other facts you should know:
-The test officially started at January 27th and nobody knows when they’re taking the thing away… so if you want a first peek, better make it quick~
-The button controls are basically the same as those in extreme – except the left and right arrows are reversed last time I was there, so hitting left selects the next song, sets the speed from 1x to 8x, etc.
-There’s a scroll bar to the right. All the new songs are at the top of that scroll bar – you start the game at the very first new song.
-AAing song is Extreme2 US style – full combo, then loosely a good amount of perfects and greats.
-Yes, there’s an extra stage, DDR MAX style. The new Max is just plain… horrid, I mean the song sucks.
-Play any of the old songs on the song list at your own risk – some songs, such as Sync as I’ve witnessed, is off-beat by a visible margin.
-Oh yeah, before I forget… the dancers missing from 5th mix will quite possibly make a come back… that, or they’re using the dancers as fillers before they put the FMVs for all the songs back in.

Finally… don’t forget the game is still in beta ^^; and House of the Dead 4 rocks my socks.

EDIT: DDRFreaks forum says that the test period lasts until 2/10, so 15 days.

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