Also, today visited the new DinoQuest adventure at Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana (shameless promotion! dun dun dun). Like I’ve said before in another long boring entry I wrote some time ago, the DinoQuest adventure is the physical companion to the stuff that I’ve been working on (and still working on) for the past few months. It’s kind of quirky and wierd and uncertain on its true educational value, but you should check it out simply because it really is like nothing you’ve seen before.

(also the kids are beating pretty hard on the equipments… go before the delicate electronics become too broken to work…)

Should you decide to go check it out, here’s what I’d recommend:

1) Go with friends/family… nothing is ever fun to do alone, I speak from experience.
2) Although you’re going in as a group, just get one transmitter and share it. It’s cheaper, things get done faster, and you don’t have to hear the in game dialogs repeat over and over again.
3) To activate the wand… ur I mean “transmitter”, you have to swing it enough for the motion sensor to fire a signal. If you hear something inside the wand rattle, you’re on the mark.
4) To collect mundane points that have absolutely no meaning except for bragging rights, wave your wa…transmitter at random fossil jackets, amber enclosed mosquitos, crystal groves, and the like.
5) You can skip any dialog except the mission completion one by touching the screen.
6) Feel free to poke/annoy all the field workers until they show you where everything you need to find are.

Fees breakdown are as follows: $3 for parking, $12.95 to get into the museum, $5 for a two hour rental of the wand.. transmitter! I mean transmitter!, you might need to buy 2 additional hours for $5 more so do the math (parking is shared, and obviously if you only get one transmitter the rental costs are shared as well). I’m not quite sure about the costs though since I… got everything for free. Hey, I’m an insider, I gotta have some perks right?

So yeah, get out there. See that thing above your head? It’s called the sun.


I’ve staffed again at the Art Show for this year’s Anime Expo. There’s really nothing glorifying about the job, as anyone who had staffed before knows, but you get to spend 4-5 days in relative seclusion from the horror of your real life (as stated in my previous post) and really, just hanging out with friends.

With some careful planning, we’ve been able to run the show much smoother than before. I’ve really gone workaholic this year – it was four days of roughly 8 hour shifts and all I took was 30 minutes of break that’s forced on me. Somehow I really enjoy physical labor when it’s forced on me. My physique obviously isn’t built for it but I like slave work… I think it’s one of the few links between me and my father, who does manual labor every work day and enjoys it quite a bit.

Like last year, I’ve decided to put something up on sale myself, but I’ve only spent 5 hours as opposed to 3 months preparing the stuff for the show. Last year, I went all out and did four large, elaborate pieces that took months just to design poses, hairstyles, costumes, backgrounds, etc… and them fuckers didn’t even pass by to look, because it’s too “original” to sell.

So this year, I did the exact opposite of what I did last year. The rules established are as follows:

1) Must be fan art of fairly popular anime (but I didn’t sell out enough apparently, I’ll spell out more on the individual pieces)
2) Must not be a CG print
3) Must be cheap ass

Following these new golden standards I’ve come up with the following. By the time I wanted pictures of them they’re already framed, so excuse the poor quality of the pictures… well, not like you’re missing much, trust me. Also, the ones I tried to sell are colored – I hand copied these sketches onto another sheet of paper and then inked and colored them, but honestly the pencils are better… I haven’t touched my markers for over a year before I pulled them out to work on these pieces (some of the markers were so unused the colors leaked out of the caps -_-)

Without further ado: (man, I haven’t posted art up for quite awhile, have I?)

(for the uninitiated, you can find out how the actual armors are suppose to look like from

Here is a picture of Rena from Higurashi, wearing full Dreadnaught (Warrior, Tier 3 Raid Set). Yes, it’s an effin’ WOW/Anime crossover, but I thought with the population of a small nation and the fact that most of the guildmates from my guild/former guilds enjoyed anime, I thought it’d be a good idea to combine my larger and lesser obsessions in my art stuff (WoW being my bigger obsession right now). As it turns out, only the twenty-thirty somethings seem to recognize the armors for what they are, so once again I’ve missed the mark somewhat on the fan base.

Status: Not sold. I really thought Rena in krazy mode would be awsome wearing the darkly Dreadnaught and waving The Untamed Blade like a manic, it’s the one idea that inspired me to do all the pieces for this year. In the end, I think this piece turns out to be the worst – in the colored version the eyes doesn’t show up well at all, Higurashi is apparently too obscure for most to even get the reference, and her expression and pose… nothing seems right, damnit.

Osaka (please commit suicide if you don’t know which series this is from) wearing full Darkmantle (Rogue, Dungeon Set 2) duel wielding kitchen knives with Unholy enchants on both of them. This was the second picture that lighted up in my head right after the Rena one. Her eyes were totally not dozing off in the colored version, and I couldn’t get the cool darkmantle sparkles right, but at least it’s sold~

Status: Sold for min bid (5g… ur I mean $5).

Miho from MegaTokyo, in full Felheart (Warlock, Tier 1 Raid Set) with the Necrowombicon in her hand. I sort of promised myself to do MT fan art after last year’s failure, and this just came natually to my mind. At first, I worried that the clashing colors of the Felheart set would make the colored version look bad, but in the end it was the best colored armor out of the four I did. Unfortunately, in the colored version, I totally butchered the eye and the eye-shade…

Status: Not sold… I guess MT isn’t as popular on the West Coast as much as it is on the East Coast… although the colored version of this picture is my personal favorite.

Chii from Chobits, in full Virtuous (Priest, Dungeon Set 2) set wielding a wand of some sort (too lazy to research this one). Honestly the scenario is impossible to reproduce in game – psychic scream produces the fear symbol above the rat’s head, but when you wand it to death the symbol disappears… oh who the hell cares. I went with Virtuous instead of Devout because I am already doing Darkmantle, which is blue, and apparently every other damn caster set that doesn’t look like an acid trip is colored blue, and I want to do a caster to balance out the character choices (2 meeles, 2 casters).

Status: Sold, I actually got a bid of $5 and $6 on this one. Honestly, doing Chii was an afterthought compared to the other three, my original idea was to have Orihime from Bleach do a leekspin (yes, I’m still obsessed over that thing), but she turns out to be too hard to draw – she’s just too god damn generic. Then I was stuck on a long time deciding who to do, then I remembered that CLAMP was one of the guests of honor and ding! Out came the idea to drag out something old but popular.

In conclusion, it seems that in order for your stuff to be worth jack, you have to sell your soul to do the most unoriginal, pixel for pixel generic fan art imaginable from the most generic, mainstream anime series…

Although this year’s big seller is Kingdom Hearts 2, instead of Inu-Yasha or Naruto or etc. Hmm.


I’ve spent most of June *trying* to finish up what would be known as DinoQuest Online. As it turns out, just because there’s one kid who locked himself up in an office for 8-10 hours a day, doesn’t mean that miracles happen. Things got pushed back, and I’m now living in constant fear that some day, someone is going to come in and offcially “drop the bomb”, to terminate whatever that’s left that I want a chance to be working on.

As it stands, I’ve put up a demo version of the game on the internets, but there’s no link to it from anywhere, and there were suppose to be plans to put it out at DSC proper (my true “employer”, the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana) but I’m not quite sure what will happen really… overall, there’s a lot of panic going on my side… like I said, I’m hoping the next response I get is not “the bomb”.

Now, I kindly ask you to help me test this “thing”…

I want to know how others feel about the game so far. Is it boring? Is it confusing? Is there too much text, which I believe to be true? Play test it if you can, between your WoW/J-Pop/Anime session, pretty please?

Many Whelps

You know, it’s probably a good idea for me to update once in awhile since everytime I meet an old friend, I’d “forward” them to the LJ pages. The lack of entries lately are hardly because there’s a lack of things to say (like it used to be), but rather, there’s so much that needs to be said that any attempt to elaborate would force the post into the TLDR syndrome…

So, the appropriate compromise would be to divide everything into seperate posts and seperate them into chronological categories, whereby one can choose to read only the ones they are interested in (or for most people… not at all).

On with the content posts.