I’ve spent most of June *trying* to finish up what would be known as DinoQuest Online. As it turns out, just because there’s one kid who locked himself up in an office for 8-10 hours a day, doesn’t mean that miracles happen. Things got pushed back, and I’m now living in constant fear that some day, someone is going to come in and offcially “drop the bomb”, to terminate whatever that’s left that I want a chance to be working on.

As it stands, I’ve put up a demo version of the game on the internets, but there’s no link to it from anywhere, and there were suppose to be plans to put it out at DSC proper (my true “employer”, the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana) but I’m not quite sure what will happen really… overall, there’s a lot of panic going on my side… like I said, I’m hoping the next response I get is not “the bomb”.

Now, I kindly ask you to help me test this “thing”…

I want to know how others feel about the game so far. Is it boring? Is it confusing? Is there too much text, which I believe to be true? Play test it if you can, between your WoW/J-Pop/Anime session, pretty please?

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