Grand Adventure of the Nonsensical Kind

Just to give you a glimpse of the madness that seems to permeate my life lately:

So for some mundane reason I’ve decided to look up the World of Warcraft entry on wikipedia again:

Which leads me to check out the pop culture reference page again, in case I missed anything or something got added:

Mmm, the new female Blood Elf dance is based off of Britney Spear’s Toxic music video? Time to look it up:

… ur … right. Well the link to the correct video is just a click away:

And I wondered, that looks nothing like the Blood Elf female dance. Let’s see that again:

I still can’t see the resemblance. Whatever, if wikipedia writes it down, then it must be true, right? RIGHT? Wait a minute… Blood Elf character creation video. Should be interesting…

5 seconds into the video, I was having this major flashback. Hey, I’ve seen this hairstyle before! But where? And when? I remembered reading about a horror game for DOS a long time ago from a gaming magazine.
Here’s the stuff I remembered:

– The main character is a semi-popular celebrity of some sort. Her name is Esmeralda? Emilia?

Not having any luck here. Going to keep thinking:

– It’s a horror game. The plot revolves around a B- horror movie studio that turn haunted for real, and the main character’s job is to rescue this chick… with the hairdo.
– It features VGA graphics, so it must be made in the late 1980s – 1990s, right? Time to pull out the underdog. I started searching around the years 1989 to 1998, starting from 1994…

No luck. Nothing even close. Alright fine, let’s try google again and just find DOS horror games, period… and the google machine churns out this big list:

Well fuck. On the one hand this is a BIG list… on the other hand I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep without figuring out who the hair-do belongs to, so after carefully scanning all the game names from A-E, I finally found something of interest:

Elvira – Mistress of the Dark
Elvira II – The Jaws of Cerberus

Sounds extremely familiar, and the game that I read about is indeed a sequel… this has to be it. Finally:

Finally ends the search. And I also realized how much time I’ve wasted over a whole lot of nothings. I swear, sometimes google and wikipedia are such tools of the devil himself.

EDIT: On second thought,

makes much more sense and seems to match the Blood Elf dance stuff. Now to find the elusive source material for the female Draenai dance…

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