What is a spending limit?

So as I’ve imagined, I’m now bunkering down on two part time jobs… that pretty much pays part time but expects full time commitment. Day in and day out, if I’m not worrying about one job it’s time to worry about the other. Fast food lunch and dinner is the norm once again.

I’ve been clean on WoW for two weeks and counting, and the more I step away from it the more I don’t want to go back. Since every player was given a second chance to hit the top first when the expansion comes out, there’s no excuses to stay mediocre like two years ago… also I hate the new instance “grind”. In the name of being group friendly there’s no more solo grinding in odd hours of the night, and the instances are far too difficult to PUG at this point (and by the time it’s easy to PUG them, I’m already at the point of mediocrity). It’s just lose lose on all fronts. I thought about coming back to PvP but the good rewards come from the arena and that eats just about the same amount of time, if not more…

So binge shopping seems to be my new fad nowadays.

The Wii and all the accessories is obviously the biggest investment for me this month, but counting my fingers everything else put together is no slouch either, and I think I’ve already spent half of my income on my second job, and since that paycheck has no tax withheld, that pretty much means I’ve spent *all* of my net income for this month already, before I pick up the check…

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